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Farmer dies after bushbuck attack

A Uitenhage farmer’s attempt to save his dogs’ lives eventually cost him his own, when the wild bushbuck attacking his pets turned on him.

Tracking wild dogs

We examine the tracks of the African wild dog, also known as the African painted dog.

Why people kill lions

In light of the events in Tanzania on the first of January, Jeremy examines the age old conflict between humans and lions in East Africa.

Baby impala befriends leopard

Most impalas run for their lives at the sight of a leopard – but this plucky youngster seems determined to befriend one.

9 lions vs. 1 leopard

This does not end well for the young adult leopard, and it is a reminder of the competition that exists among predators.

A wild dog chase

Rainer Kuehner gets chased by a pack of wild dogs in Tsavo East National Park.