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The 'Bird Man'

It’s a cliché, but one of the great things about travelling is the people you meet along the way. We have certainly met our fair share of locals and fellow travelers, from all walks of life. One of the coolest of them, with one of the most interesting stories, is a guy called Christopher who […]

Onwards and Upwards: Etosha and The Caprivi Strip

Today is our last day in Namibia. Of course by the time we find an internet connection and actually post this, today will probably be a few days ago and we’ll be somewhere in Botswana. But hey. We’ve spent the last 4 days at the magical Ngepi River Lodge, in the western corner of the […]

Walking with Giants in Tsavo

This was a true safari – from a bygone era!  Africa Geographic guests recently spent 5 days following elephants in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park. The 80km route winds through the park, following the Galana River and the wise old matriarchs as they lead their herds – surely one of the best Bucket List experiences ever, […]

Up the Skeleton Coast and into Damaraland

After the awesome Spitzkoppe, we traveled back to Swakopmund, where we spent another couple of days at the Desert Sky Backpackers. We got the aircon fixed, which by the way now seems to broken again, sampled plenty of Camelthorn at the Brauhaus and, well, not much else really. From Swakop we headed north into the […]

A weekend at The Spitzkoppe

If you’ve missed any of Jeff and Kerryn’s previous posts, read them all here. With Friday being a public holiday in Namibia, we ended up having to kill a few days before we could get Andy (our landrover) in to see an auto electrician. Neither of us were too keen to spend the entire weekend […]

Sesriem & Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is Namibia’s number 1 tourist attraction. And rightly so – it defies adjectives. Although there are plenty of tour busses and overland trucks around, it’s vast enough to feel completely alone. And the silence is deafening. We stayed at Little Sossus campsite for a night, and then at the Sesriem Rest Camp, inside the […]

Wild horses and ghost towns

The road from Aus to Luderitz passes through the territory of a small but famous population of wild horses. The stark, foggy landscape also happens to be incredibly beautiful. In Luderitz, we stayed at the only backpackers in town. It was quaint and homely and just right. It was also quite nice to sleep in […]

End of Chapter One

We’re in Swakopmond. We tumbled in late yesterday afternoon after a week of intense heat, some horrendously corrugated gravel roads, and desert scenery more breathtaking than we could ever have imagined. Oh and sand. Lots of sand. After 2 showers the Namib Desert is starting to come out of our hair. It might take a little […]

Augrabies, The Fish River Canyon and a birthday surprise

From Twee Rivieren we headed back down to Upington and then on to Augrabies National Park. It was fairly late in the afternoon as we pulled into the little SAN Parks campsite. We set up camp as fast as we could as we were keen to takes some photies of the sun setting over the […]

Aerial photos of Kaokoland, northwest Namibia

The northwest of Namibia – known today as Kunene Region, but formerly as Kaokoland and Damaraland – is one of the most untouched stretches of land in Southern Africa. About 70 000 people live in an area twice the size of Belgium, and you must have a fully-equipped 4×4 if you’re going to explore anywhere […]

The Place of Smoke – Semonkong, Lesotho

Across the Lesotho border, over some breathtaking, high-altitude passes, beyond a few sparkling mountain streams, above a zig-zagging valley carved out by the magnificent Maletsunyane River, lies a little village called Semonkong. Anonymous horsemen patrol its streets, and bleached-white Angora goats graze amongst the huts. Though not immediately apparent, it’s also home to a few […]

Reflecting back on my journey through Southern Africa

In order to bring full closure to my blog series,  Africa Geographic contacted me asking me a few questions about my time on the road. These were my answers:  Favourite country you visited?  Wow, it’s so hard to choose one country as they all had a little something …but I would have to say I […]

Trekking for trash

Did you know that it takes three million steps to cover a distance of 3 000 kilometres? Social change adventurers Michael Baretta and Camilla Howard know all about it, with every last step their bruised and shin-splinted legs have taken over the past seven months. After 3 000 kilometres, they finally kicked off their shoes […]

Karibu Tanzania!

Processing the boat and us into Tanzania was nothing short of smooth and efficient. Mtwara is southern Tanzania’s largest town and we motored into it late in the night, finding a safe little anchorage next to a large that was preparing to head out to the offshore oil platforms. The next morning, we swiftly headed […]

Desert Life in the Kgalagadi

We’ve just spent 6 nights in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. What a pity it couldn’t have been a bit longer – it’s like nothing either of us have ever seen before. Well actually I have seen it before, but I was 6 at the time, so the memories are a bit blurry. Kerryn grew up […]

Getting our groove back

Inhambane, Mozambique, was not going to make it easy for us to just leave her in one easy swoop. No sooner had we loaded the boat up with some of our heavier clobber from the beach, the heavens decided to open up, again, and dump half of Africa’s annual rainfall onto our heads. Ok, maybe […]

Away We Go

We’re writing this post from Mata Mata camp, half way up the western boundary of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Namibia is a sand dune away, just visible under a star-spangled sky. Jo’burg feels a million miles further. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 4 days. It’s Sunday night, but we’ll probably only get to […]

So long, life as we know it

In a few days time, Kerryn and I will be saying a lot of goodbyes. Goodbye Jozi, you beautiful city. Goodbye friends and family. Goodbye work. Goodbye couch and DSTV. Goodbye Armitage Shanks, Sealy Postupedic, Phillips and Defy. Goodbye spacious fridge filled with fresh food and other delicious things. Goodbye Woolworths. Goodbye #47 Hanover Gate. […]

5 Highlights of South Namibia

If you are a first time traveller in Africa and you’re looking for a country to do a self-drive through that is safe, politically secure, convenient, easy to navigate and adventurous, my suggestion would be Namibia. I was nine when my Dad drove me up into Namibia from Cape Town for the first time. But, until […]

Kicking Tofo Sand

After the craziness that was Tofo over the Christmas season, things have finally begun to calm down to a nice peaceful pace. Gone are the drumming and thronging of car engines and sound stereos. They have been replaced by the buzzing of the generators as power dips in and out and we settle into our […]

Stubborn horses and Gentle giraffes

Original source: Being on horseback in the bush is exhilarating! You can approach game from a close distance because the animals seem to recognise you as a fellow four-legged creature, rather than a human, so they are accepting of your presence . Also, unlike a noisy Landrover, you can move quietly. The horse I […]

A guided tour through Gombe Stream National Park

Having only been awarded the protective status of National Park in the late 1960s, the significance of Tanzania’s smallest forest reserve was, for a long time, unrecognised. Had this transition not taken place, the world might today be oblivious to the astounding genetic similarities between humans and chimpanzees. Take a guided tour through Tanzania’s Gombe […]

Whales and the Warrior

 I have spent nearly 4 years with Greenpeace at sea. These years have brought many interesting encounters and experiences, but nothing’s been quite like yesterday. Off the Eastern coast of South Africa, the coast line is called the wild coast. And from the sea, you can clearly tell why the name sticks. Green pastures coming […]

Mana Magic!

In 2010 I was flying back home after my second visit to Botswana when I met a cameraman from the BBC. I remember asking him which, in his opinion, were the most magnificent places he had ever visited in Africa, and without hesitation he said: Moremi in Botswana, Selous in Tanzania, and Mana Pools in […]

Searching for the elusive Sousa & the mythical sawfish – Part I.

– ‘Where are you off to?’ – ‘Guinea-Bissau’ Queue quizzical look, which led me to explain that Guinea-Bissau (hereafter GB) was a small country to the south of Senegal, on the coast of West Africa. Quizzical look replaced by a blank nod.Very few people have heard of GB, or know anything about it, yet this […]

Art on Safari

The perfect way to brush up your skills in the bush. Three years ago Africa Geographic Travel and Alison Nicholls embarked on a fascinating and rather left-field Safari concept for the first time – an Art Safari.  We planned for a small group with a relaxed itinerary and very understanding hosts – to allow the […]

Explore the Ghosts of Namibia's Striking South

I was in no hurry. A slow hitchhike south from Etosha, riding in the back of a long distance truck with bags of maize meal eventually found me in the small-time town of Keetmanshoop. I woke early and walked around the sleepy streets for an hour or so, the desert wind whipped up sand that […]

Botswana's Beautiful Beasts and Bushmen

Date: 6th to 12th January 2013 Location: Maun, Botswana to western central Kalahari, Botswana I arrived in Maun at around 16h30ish where I was meant to be meeting my friend Mike Penman.  I had no address, a few key locations that I was unable to find on my GPS, zero airtime AND my car had started smoking […]

Christmas Spent 'Rocking Out' in Zimbabwe

I arrived at The Bulawayo Club – an ex- gentlemen’s club turned boutique hotel, situated in the heart of historic Bulawayo. It was built for those successful businessmen, miners and ranchers among the then settler community. The materials for fittings like the roof tiles, lights and faucets, were imported from overseas. This remarkable establishment has […]

Reaching Mozambique

Grim faces woke up in the early morning of what had been a very wonderful few days’ sail up the coast. None of us really wanted to really believe it, but our engine had again stopped working, and we were now at the mercy of the wind and currant, sitting just shy of our destination […]

Great Ruins of Zimbabwe

Date: December 2012, 22nd –24th Location: Great Zimbabwe Ruins Today I went to see the Great Ruins of Zimbabwe. They are beautiful large structures of mortar-less walls dating back to the 11th century. A must-see if you are in the vicinity, but make sure to take a guide as there is little on offer in […]

Lo Entropy and the Crew are Back in the Game!

Expeditions have a way of bringing out a side of people that we might not see otherwise, and which renew our faith in each other time and again. They bring out the selfless actions that expect no reciprocation, people that are willing to go out of their way to lend a hand, often at their […]

In Love with Lake Malawi

Location: Lake Malawi Date: December 2012, 1st-5th After a 6am start I reached the Zambia/Malawi border crossing. It was a relatively easy process but I did discover the hard way that there is no getting around paying for the third party insurance which they sell at the border. I thought it unnecessary since I have travel […]

Head to Head with Zambezi Sharks

Having faced an uphill battle in our first two weeks, our luck has begun to change. We have identified the problems with the engine and we have acquired a very talented cameraman. Richard is from the Good Picture Company, making all of us look good and adding a wonderful energy into the team. We have […]

Facing Into the Storm

After a delayed start, we’d eventually loaded everyone and everything onto the vessel in the bluff harbour. The excitement of beginning our adventure could hardly be quelled by anything. At least that’s what we thought… We sailed out of the harbour, perched contentedly on the bow with the Durban stadium lights behind us.  After such […]

The Amazing Bats of Kasanka National Park

17th-21st November Having spent one brief night at Stanley Safaris I was yet again on my way, this time up to Lusaka (guided by the garmin as there is still no sign of my map). The drive was a feast for the eyes – roadside stalls selling crafts, and veggies, fruit trees brimming with fruits […]

Thieves, Chiefs and Okavango dreaming!

9th -14th  November  A spot of bad luck. One of the great things about this road trip is seeing how the terrain changes. Heading into the Kavango region and things are looking a lot greener than the warm hues I left behind. Unfortunately, all this beauty has been slightly marred by theft. In Rundu, a […]

What does it take to plan an expedition?

Expeditions are never easy, no matter how romanticised they seem. Some examples of comments we recieve when we talk about what we are doing: ‘Oh boy, sound’s like an amazing adventure’, ‘You are going to have so much fun’ or ‘I wish I could come along’. All this is true, but only in part. Anyone […]

In search of the Cinderella Waxbill

4th  – 8th November – Northward! I’m moving on to greener pastures these days, heading up north to the Kunene River on the Angolan border. Did I mention the veterinary fence? It runs from the ocean all the way into Botswana. It’s a badly maintained, roughly 60 year old fence which elephants knock down periodically. […]

Talking technology

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology “ – Godfrey Reggio What really makes technology so fun is it’s ability to take an idea and evolve it into action. Don’t get me wrong – that is probably also its downfall, the scope it has to be both terrific and terrifying at the same […]

The Human Ocean expedition begins!

Beneath the warm coastal waters of tropical and subtropical East Africa lie some of the richest coral reefs in the world. Spanning many hundreds of kilometres, they’re home to an incredible array of fish communities and support millions of people surviving off the coastline. Within these systems are large networks of marine protected areas (MPA’s), […]

Life-changing moments in the presence of a rhino, a giraffe and the Himba

Day 15: October 28 – Sleeping under the stars! Today we drove out to the camel patrol team from Save the Rhino Trust, who’s job is to spend three weeks in the bush and one week back home. They are a nomadic group who set up camp and monitor the rhinos’ movements while ensuring their […]

Bush Cooking, Ancient Carvings and Saving the Rhino!

25th October – Day 11 – Trying to cook in an Eco-cushion… I drove up to Twyfelfontein, and had my first real solo camping experience. While I’m not too jacked up on my camping skills these days, I did travel for 9 months on a motorcycle through Australia and New Zealand and we camped every […]

The many creatures of the Namib Desert

Day 10: October 24th – A day bashing around the desert… So I went on an absolutely fascinating tour with one of the most enthusiastic persons I have met in a long time. Tommy, from Tommy’s Desert Tours. The car that we did the excursion in is an old but strong Land Rover that was […]