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Klaserie Sands River Camp

Hiking Mount Kenya

A group of hikers battles the elements in an effort to reach the peak at Mount Kenya.

Sailing to Senegal

The sailing ship, Picton Castle, anchors in Dakar in Senegal for an unforgettable experience of the bustling city.

Ascending the Aberdare

The challenge of climbing the Aberdare Mountains, which lie about three hours north-east of Nairobi and border the Great Rift Valley.

World record attempt: London to Cape Town

Heading ‘The Fast Way Down’ from London to Cape Town in an attempt to break the world record and raise money for the Pro Track Anti-Poaching Unit in South Africa.

Stranded on the Congo

The adventurous team on the Heart of Africa expedition won’t let a few setbacks deter them in their quest to get to the northern rainforests of the Republic of Congo.

Why Angolan crocodile nests are a big deal

As if a three month canoe expedition down the Okavango River system wasn’t enough, Josh Iremonger and Dan Dugmore have also discovered crocodile nests in Angola and contributed to important research on the species.

Tea with the Maasai

A family reflects on their experience with the charming and hospitable Masaai on a Kenyan safari.