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Countdown to a Wildrun through the Richtersveld

Just a week before the second Richtersveld Wildrun kicks off, anticipation is building for what promises to be a tight race through one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world.

Cycling Uganda

Uganda may not have been on Neil’s intended route when cycling Africa but it turns out to be a true highlight.

An epic cycle for a tiny bird

Eelco Meyjes is over 600km into 3,000km ride from Cape Town to Victoria Falls to raise funds and awareness for the tiny orange-breasted waxbill.

Cycling Sudan

Cycling through the harsh Nubian Desert in Sudan on a long journey to Cape Town.

From South Africa to Botswana by cable car

There are many examples of interesting border crossings in the world but few can be as exciting as gliding between South Africa and Botswana across the legendary Limpopo River by cable car.

Kicking goals for wildlife

Football, oryx, warriors – it’s an unusual combination but this is how Melako Community Conservancy in Northern Kenya is helping to secure the future of wildlife and communities.