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Meet 3 elephant angels

Three of the world’s leading African elephant conservationists offer hope and inspiration for saving elephants from extinction.

A local band on why Africa is amazing

The band GoodLuck answers some questions on what they are looking forward to at the Vic Falls Carnival, why they love Africa and what it means to be African.

Artist retreat for elephants

A group of artists, specialising in wildlife, gather to create greater awareness about elephant poaching in Africa.

Film stars campaign for rhinos

American film stars campaign for rhinos in an effort to create poaching awareness through famous figures by using their social media platforms.

Ryan Sandes Interview: South African trail runner Conquers Fish River Canyon

Ryan Sandes is a South African trail runner whose feet have taken him across China’s Gobi Desert, Chile’s Atacama and Egypt’s Sahara. Last month he tackled Namibia’s Fish river Canyon and smashed the record set in 2003, of 10 hours and 54 minutes, by just short of four hours. Ryan ran the second largest canyon in the world […]

Kingsley Holgate: an interview on World Malaria Day

If anyone had’ve told me two days ago that I would have the opportunity to meet the great Kingsley Holgate, I don’t think I would’ve believed them. Kingsley, the ‘Greybeard of African Adventure’, has been my role-model and hero since I was a little boy. With childish excitement and envy, I’ve always followed his amazing […]

James Bond is coming to Cape Town

It was revealed recently, at a book launch in London, that the new James Bond book  – and eventually movie – will be based in Cape Town. Bond will apparently be boarding at hotels like the Cape Grace and dining at restaurants like Beluga. When asked about why he chose Cape Town for the backdrop […]

Frikkie inspired by Jane Goodall

Frikkie was inspired by the answer given by Jane Goodall to a question posed to her in an interview in Time Magazine (yes, he does try to broaden his horizons by reading widely but does have the infuriating habit of moving his lips when he reads). The question was: “Do you think there is still […]