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Demand for lion bones offers South African breeders a lucrative return

Original source: “Fears of a rise in poaching as Asian traders look for alternatives to tigers as a source of ingredients for traditional medicine Koos Hermanus would rather not give names to the lions he breeds. So here, behind a 2.4-metre high electric fence, is 1R, a three-and-a-half-year-old male, who consumes 5kg of meat […]

Elephant rescue in Namibia

Original Source: By Jana-Mari Smith “Images of an elephant being rescued from a potentially fatal set of circumstances in Damaraland on Sunday 17 February have captured the hearts and minds of Namibians and animal lovers the world over.  A few brave souls struggled for hours under the searing African sun to rescue an adult […]

Chemical cocktail to turn off poachers

Original source: News24 “A non-lethal chemical containing pink dye will now make it a health risk to consume rhino horn for medicinal purposes, the Sabi Sand Wildtuin Association said on Wednesday. The association, a group of private landowners, was trying to curb poaching, its CEO Andrew Parker said in a statement. “Consumers of the powdered […]

New facts debunk common beliefs about rhino poaching

Rhino horn poaching in Africa is at an all-time high. The recent wave of rhino poaching (up 3,346% since 2007) has erased decades of gains in African rhino conservation efforts, and put rhinos on the fast track to extinction. At one point, hundreds of thousands of black and white rhinos roamed the African continent, but […]

Maasai locked out of Loliondo

The Loliondo Game Controlled Area (LGCA), one of Tanzania’s most well-known Maasai community concessions and wildlife destinations is in the spotlight as local stakeholders and outside financial interests clash over its natural resources. These tensions are not new, and given the location of Loliondo and the bounty of wildlife and grazing it carries, such tussles […]

Why is Branson promoting this man?

As a young scientist Allan Savory provided advice to the Zimbabwean government that directly resulted in the slaughter of 40,000 elephants. See more about that here. Apparently Savory has learnt by his mistakes and is now considered the ‘father’ of holistic ecosystem management! And now Richard Branson, in his blog post, suggests that we trust […]

Great White Shark rams into cage

A 2.5m great white shark managed to ram straight through the viewing gap in a cage on a shark-cage diving trip in Gansbaai.  httpv:// The cameraman Bryan Plummer had this to say about the incident, [quote]A shark totally ignores the bait and goes straight for the cage!! He gets his head inside the cage, while fellow […]

Race for the Rhino

Written by: Simon Espley (Proud member of the Race for the Rhino 2013 team) We all know that South Africa is losing 3 rhino a day to poaching.  There seems to be no end to the demand for horn in the Far East and countless greedy and ruthless people to supply that demand.  So what […]

Killing Spree Slaughters 86 Elephants in Chad

Source: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Poachers in Chad have slaughtered 86 elephants, including 33 pregnant females, in less than a week. The elephants were killed close to the Chad border with Cameroon and their ivory hacked out. It is the worst killing spree of elephants since early 2012 when poachers from Chad and Sudan killed […]

The 7 Natural Wonders of Africa

Content source: The new Seven Natural Wonders of Africa were announced in Arusha, Tanzania last month – here are the seven incredible places that made the list: 1. Serengeti Migration Did you know? ♦ The migration crosses Tanzania and Kenya ♦ It pans 18,641.1 square miles (30,000 sq km) ♦ It is the longest and largest […]

It’s all about the Long Run

I’m skeptical about big business and the lightly veneered “sustainability” PR spin that we so often see. And then there are the CEOs of cash-flush companies that defend a complete lack of investment into people and the planet, with statements like “we can’t do sustainability if there is no financial return”. Huh? And so I sit […]

Rangers catch and put down killer lions

Original source: News24 Wildlife rangers in Zimbabwe said on Friday three lions that killed two people near a suburb in the northern resort town of Kariba have been caught and put down. The state wildlife department said a lioness and two “sub-adult” cubs between 2 and 3 years old were baited into traps and given lethal injections […]

Ivory Trade Nations Face Threat of Sanctions

Original source Top conservation organizations warned Wednesday that the illegal ivory trade is hastening the decline of Africa’s already endangered elephant population, and said they are ready to punish nations that are lax in fighting the problem. “Globally, illegal ivory trade activity has more than doubled since 2007, and is now over three times larger […]

IFAW Ivory Trade – A free interactive magazine

This is probably the most fun you can have while learning. For the first time here is a fantastic summary of what’s really happening to/with elephants – and it’s written in common-speak so even I can understand. AND its digital – with video, outstanding imagery, animated maps and easily digestible chunks of information. Its accessible […]

Elephant Kills Brothers

An elephant at the Balule Nature Reserve in Hoedspruit, Limpopo, has killed a reserve worker after killing his brother the week before. Nelson Bango was searching for the elephant which killed his brother William, when it attacked him on his motorbike around 5pm on Monday, The Star newspaper reported. “Nelson stalled the bike and then […]

Lions kill two people in Zimbabwe resort town

Original source: Wildlife rangers in Zimbabwe say they have put the northern resort town of Kariba on full alert after rogue lions mauled two people to death. The National Parks and Wildlife Authority said fliers were being handed out in the town and volunteers were using a loudspeaker to caution townspeople about the dangers of […]

Zoo Elephant Released into the Wild

Gondwana Game Reserve in the Garden Route is embarking on a project together with the Bloemfontein Zoo and Conservation Global to relocate Thandora, a 27 year old elephant, from captivity to the wild. Thandora is currently based in the Bloemfontein Zoo and has been in captivity for 23 years.  Recently her elephant companion died at […]

Statement on Behalf of all Commercial Lodges in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

The commercial lodges within the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve would like to thank Peter Borchert for his thought provoking article. In light of this and other recent media coverage of this issue, it has become clear that there is a general misunderstanding as to the position occupied by the commercial lodges in the Timbavati. We […]

Don’t miss “Africa” on BBC Knowledge

It’s Africa like you’ve never seen it. Sir David Attenborough’s latest ground-breaking documentary series, “Africa” will amaze even lifelong residents of the continent. The mini-series is in its second week of airing here in South Africa on BBC Knowledge (catch it Sunday’s at 18:00, and keep an eye out for reruns). The first two episodes […]

A (Disappointing) Update on Nicky’s Scheduled Surgery

Original source: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Yesterday (February 26th), Lewa’s baby rhino Nicky, who is blinded by cataracts, was scheduled to have an operation that would help him regain some of his sight. The surgery, scheduled to take place at the nearby ranch of Ol Jogi, was to be carried out by a specialty optical veterinary […]

Timbavati Rhino Challenge

Over the past couple of weeks the 57-year-old Timbavati Private Nature Reserve has fuelled the always volatile ‘hunting debate’ by deciding to conduct rhino hunts on its property. Former Africa Geographic editor Peter Borchert throws out a challenge. Timbavati is part of the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) that include concessions offering clients both wildlife […]

Volunteers struggle to save barbel

Original post by: Timeslive A group of volunteers are battling to save a school of barbels from a dried up vlei in the Northern Cape. The Volksblad said thousands of barbels had died already. Many were saved from the dry Rooifontein vlei, but thousands more were expected to die due to the heat in coming […]

Switch Off and Switch Over for Earth Hour 2013

Written by: WWF As the countdown to Earth Hour 2013 continues, WWF South Africa (WWF-SA) is calling on everyone to switch off their lights for one hour and switch over to more sustainable ways of living, and doing business, beyond the hour.   In South Africa, the majority of fuel and electricity used comes from […]

A Close Encounter With the World's Smallest Whale

The rough road through the salt pans, lined with greater and lesser flamingos, glossy white pelicans and scurrying speckled waders, led us to the salt works’ pump station. A good 50 metres and more from the waters edge lay a long, thin creature, bedecked in a patchwork jacket of red, purple, black and white that […]

The World's Cutest Frog Has Gone Viral

This video of a Desert Rain Frog taken in Port Nolloth, South Africa has hit almost 2 million views on YouTube.   “I recorded a short clip of the defensive cry of the Desert rain frog – Breviceps macrops while walking along the sand dunes in Port Nolloth, a coastal town in the Northern Cape […]

Great White Shark Freed From Deadly Fishing line

Earlier this January, shark cage diving operators in Gansbaai notified the Dyer Island Conservation Trust of a juvenile (<3m) female white shark entangled in fishing line. The line was wrapped tightly around the head through the gills and was trailing 0.5m of line behind the shark which still had bait and hooks attached.  The situation […]

Rare Southern Elephant Seal arrives in Cape Town

A male Southern elephant seal has washed up on a beach in Table View.  It sat on the beach all day yesterday and only moved off at sunset. Apparently, it is currently showing at Blouberg near the On the Rocks restaurant. So if you are in the area  go and check it out.  

No wildlife, no Tourism

Written by: Karim Kara With the current devastating poaching situation in Kenya and Africa as a whole, Non Governmental groups and conservation bodies, supported by bands of individuals singing the same song, marched the streets of Mombasa chanting “Protect our Heritage”. Frustrations from groups and individuals on the lack of stringent punishable laws and protection […]

Hyena Men

This series of disturbing and yet fascinating images forms part of the work of acclaimed photographer Pieter Hugo. Hugo visited Nigeria to better understand this strange relationship between man and beast after seeing an image taken by Nigerian journalist Adetokunbo Abiola. He travelled with this small family group of street performers who use these animals […]

Mossel Bay Great White Hunter Found Guilty

The man who posed triumphantly over a dying great white shark has finally got what he deserved.  Do you remember when we first showed you this shocking image of a man posing triumphantly with a dying great white shark? Well I am happy to announce he has been found guilty by the Mossel Bay Magistrate’s Court. Leon […]

Unite for RhODIS

CSI for rhinos Catching poachers is one thing; making sure that they are locked up for a very long time is another. Luckily we have our very own CSI for rhinos…The forensic aspect of the war against poaching makes use of RhODISTM, a South African developed, rhino DNA profiling method, which enables prosecutors to link […]

New 50|50 Episode, 14 January 2013

Sungazers Ivory and wild animal pelts and bones are in high demand. However, only certain species capture the eye of the media. Hundreds of thousands of rands are dedicated to the conservation some species while others have barely been heard of. Sungazers, for example, are large girdled lizards unique in many ways and equally threatened. […]

Fingers Off the Trigger: Zambia Cancels All Trophy Hunting Licences

Towards the end of last week Zambian wildlife authorities suspended the tender process for hunting concessions and cancelled all hunting licences for the foreseeable future. According to sources and local news reports, Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo has based her decision on corruption and malpractices between the hunting companies and various government departments. […]

Twenty-Four Tonne Ivory Siezure a New Record

Africa’s elephant population is still taking a beating, as the latest ivory seizure in Malaysia confirms. On the 7 December, port authorities confiscated two containers of cargo declared as ‘wooden floor tiles’, after a tip-off that the containers were in fact an ivory haul. After a thorough search of the containers yesterday, the state customs […]

Vietnam signs MoU to Help Protect Rhinos

‘Little victories!’ That’s the motto conservationists often use to gain inspiration in the fight against illegal poaching in Africa. Well, today we can happily announce something substantially more than a little victory. Its been reported that the governments of South Africa and Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will improve co-operation between the […]

New 50|50 episode, 10 December 2012

Samangos Of the few species of primate in South Africa, the samango monkey is the least known. This is because samangos are limited to the canopies of mist-belt forests, which are threatened and becoming more and more fragmented. Two researchers have recently joined forces to have a look at the monkeys – one from the […]

Gill ‘Mashozi’ Holgate Passes Away

They say that behind every great man is a great woman. It saddens us to hear that we have lost another great one. Gill ‘Mashozi’ Holgate, wife to the impressive Kingsley Holgate, passed away on Sunday. As yet, it is not clear how she died, we do know though that she will be sorely missed. […]

Mark Knopfler speaks out against rhino poaching

“I’ll never forget the day my father came home from work to tell us that one of his colleagues, a supposedly educated man, had said: “What do I care if the rhino becomes extinct?” I was a young teenager then and today this is a very real danger.  Due to man’s greed we may well […]

Cricketers Albie Morkel and David Miller are batting for rhinos

New rhino champions, cricketers Albie Morkel and David Miller, will go to bat to help raise R1-million to protect our rhinos. Our endangered rhinos have gained new supporters in the form of Proteas all-rounder Albie Morkel and his team-mate David Miller who will go out to bat to raise funds for the animals during the […]

Gorilla populations on the rise in Bwindi, Uganda!

The mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) population in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (BINP) has increased to an estimated 400 individuals, according to the recent released results of a three-week census carried out by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA) in September and October 2011. This is an increase from the 2002 and 2006 censuses, which […]

Suspects confess to massacre of seven rhino in North West Province!

Three individuals involved with the massacre of seven rhinos in the North West Province of South Africa have been arrested and subsequently confessed to carrying out the incident. Pelham Jones, a conservationist involved in gathering evidence from the crime scene confirmed that they were still looking for one other suspect involved. In an interview with […]

40 wild-dogs burned near the Serengeti

Local villagers have burned 40 African wild dogs alive in the Loliondo Game Controlled Area, on the Eastern border of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The mass murder is said to be a reaction by villagers to the theft of livestock. Apparently villagers in Kertalo and Orkiu have lost 157 goats and 4 cattle […]

Elephant overturns a car in Kruger National Park

It seems that sometimes nature does fight back! The latest news from the Kruger National Park is that a a bull elephant has charged a car, flipping it over in the process. A couple was inside, but neither of them is badly hurt. The man suffered a minor knee injury, but was attended to by […]

Botswana Kills Trophy Hunting – Ian Michler reflects

Just under 2 weeks ago, the President of Botswana, Lt. Gen. Ian Khama, gave a speech wherein he announced that by the end of 2013, trophy hunting would no longer be allowed in Botswana. Speaking at a local kgotla in Mababe, a village along the edge of the Okavango Delta, he said that “Next year […]

Record 40-year sentence for Thai rhino poaching ring-leader!

In a record sentence, Thai rhino poaching ring-leader Chumlong Lemtongthai has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. Lemtongthai pleaded guilty to charges of exporting rhino horn from South Africa to Asian markets. He admitted to operating bogus ‘legal’ hunts by paying prostitutes to act as trophy hunters, and then stealing the horn for illegal trade. […]