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Book Review: Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott

Every now and then a book comes along that breaks through the wallpaper of life and delivers its message intravenously. Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott does that – it is an intense read, inspiring and moving.

First aid for snakebite

Johan Marais’ book, First Aid for Snakebite, gives life-saving information that’s small enough to be carried anywhere.

Book Review: Birds of Uganda

A fantastic memento for birders, ‘Birds of Uganda’ makes the perfect accompaniment to any safari in the ‘Pearl of Africa’.

Book review: African Icons

Travel to a selection of 21 of the most iconic places on the African continent with the ‘African Icons’ coffee table book.

Natural Splendours of South Africa

Planning a holiday to South Africa? Find out all you need to know about the rainbow nation according to renowned photographer Gerald Cubitt.

Bumpy the blue elephant

The children’s book Bumpy the blue elephant revolves around a little elephant who begins to turn blue with sadness after hearing that he could loose his home.

Book review: Life on a Cape Farm

Life on a Cape Farm is more than a cookbook, it is a story book. It is the story of an old-worldly farm in the Cape, a story about two twin sisters living their dream, a story of traditional South African cooking and beyond that it is an inspiration for my food stories.

Flowers in the sky

The night sky of southern Africa offers some of the best stargazing on the planet and consequently, the indigenous people of the subcontinent have been exposed to a cosmic clarity since time immemorial. The book Flowers in the Sky gives insight into their stories.

Books to Take on an African Safari (our favorites)

I don’t like taking books when I travel. They add a lot of weight to my luggage and I’m usually having too much fun to open a book anyway. So I normally just take my Kindle, which I rarely end up opening either. When traveling to Southern Africa though, things change. My day pack is […]

Life, love and elephants – a most beautiful book

‘…this is the story of safaris and nights under the stars; of my ‘soulmate’ David, my daughters Jill and Angela, the birth of our elephant orphanage, my life lived – all interwoven with spell binding stories of the many different animals that have immeasurably enriched my life, animals I have reared and loved and come to […]

Whatever you do, don’t run!

Peter Allison is not brave. Despite this, he has been stalked by lions, chased by elephants, and courted by rhinos. At the age of 19 he tossed a coin between South America and Africa. Africa won. Within a few months his passion for wildlife was rewarded with work as a safari guide for lodges in […]

Book Review: In the Pursuit of Solitude by Adam Cruise

Ignorance is bliss, as the old adage goes, and no-one can identify more with this saying than people in the conservation world. After reading In the Pursuit of Solitude, I am tempted to say that no-one knows this better than Adam Cruise. A couple of years back, Adam was getting antsy with the state of […]

Review of Birding Ethiopia by The Biggest Twitch

Original source: Published by: Lynx Edicions Review by: Ruth Miller and Alan Davies Why would a birder want to visit Ethiopia? We have all seen the television news pictures of a famine-torn land. Surely this is no birding destination? How wrong is this idea.  Ethiopia is a vibrant, exciting, bird-rich country with a list […]

Unspotted: One Man's Insane Search for Africa's Most Elusive Leopard

Leopards are rare creatures. Trust me, I know. I spent 3 years as a guide tracking these elusive animals through some of the most remote areas of South Africa. But perhaps the rarest of all the leopards in Africa sits ironically right on my doorstep here in Cape Town. Less than 100 kilometres from the […]

Ivory, Apes and Peacocks

As promised in my previous post, I have finished reading wildlife film-maker Alan Root’s rollicking autobiography. It’s taken a while, I know, what with magazine deadlines and other office-related matters, but what a roller-coaster ride of a book this is. You’ll laugh, get a lump in your throat, be horrified and, above all, be enthralled […]

Travels in the Kalahari. Exploring the Spirit of the Thirstland.

The Kalahari is vast and ageless, a semi-desert of photogenic red dunes and star-crammed skies where African animals run wild. Visit it once and it may capture your heart forever. That’s what happened to author Roxanne Reid. She has visited the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, which sprawls across the border between South Africa and Botswana, more […]

Boathouse to Botswana. New Travel Book Looks Behind-the-Scenes of African Safari Camps

A chance conversation at a friend’s wedding takes a very English restaurant manager from Oxford to the remotest deserts of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast and the tropical swamplands of Botswana’s Okavango Delta.  Learning to cope with the heat and the tribal customs of the Himba and the San (Bushmen), adapting to work in an environment where […]

Life in the Masai Mara: Talking to Guide Book Authors

Last February while in the Masai Mara, I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Vicki and Adam Scott Kennedy, the authors of the just released African safari books: Animals of the Masai Mara, and Birds of the Masai Mara. Many people, including myself, dream of living and working in the African bush. But few people make it […]

Strange but true, in Africa

It’s uncanny how often we discover themes that link features we run in Africa Geographic, serendipitous connections that help us uncover a fuller picture of wildlife and conservation in the continent. Editor Sarah Borchert has herself commented on this very occurrence in an earlier front-of-the-mag column. Recently we came across a remarkable link between an article […]

Vanishing Flora…

Lose yourself in the magical inner world of flowers in photographer Anneke Kearney’s new pictorial work Vanishing Flora. Then get the lowdown on how they are faring in her text. What is it about macro images of flowers that is so appealing? The exposing of secret inner whorls and workings, proud stamens and delicately formed […]

An African Love Story

Blogger Lori Robinson so enjoyed the warm, passionate autobiography of Dame Daphne Sheldrick, founder of the David Sheldrick Elephant Trust in Kenya, that she reviews it here for you. An African Love Story is Kenya-born Daphne Sheldrick’s memoir about how love for her country, animals and men, including her soul mate, would eventually define and focus […]

My Life with Leopards

On May 31, 1993, two 6-week-old leopard cubs were brought to the Londolozi Game Reserve, a private reserve bordering the Kruger National Park. In charge of the cubs was Graham Cooke, a 22-year-old old game ranger who had been working at the reserve since 1988. The intention was to rehabilitate the cubs back into the […]