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Buffalo attack victim Beverly Joubert wants to heal fast, has “rhinos to move”

Respected conservationist and multiple award-winning filmmaker Beverly Joubert is recovering steadily after suffering extremely serious injuries during an attack by a buffalo in which her husband Dereck was also injured.

Beverly and Dereck Joubert. © Wildlife Films.

In an update on their Facebook page, the couple thanked their supporters for the incredible support from all over the world. After a very long and tough week, Beverly told her Doctors that she needed to heal fast because she has rhinos to move, this in reference to the Rhinos Without Borders campaign to move 100 rhinos from high risk to low risk areas. This statement is typical of her undeniable strength and her tendency to put wildlife before her own interests.

Dereck and Beverly were walking to dinner in their camp in the Okavango when a buffalo charged them from the darkness. Dereck suffered some bone fractures but Beverly was seriously injured, with the horn causing extensive damage. Dereck’s actions that night saved her life, and miraculously the buffalo’s horn missed major arteries, organs and her spine. Four operations later, Beverly has fought fiercely and finally seems to be out of immediate danger. 

There is obviously a lot of recovery still to come, however she has walked, she has had sutures removed and she asks after the wellbeing of others rather than herself.

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  • Anne V

    Thank you so much for the update. They have been in our prayers and are thrilled healing is going well. Will continue prayers and good thoughts. 💕

  • Ed Camilleri

    I wish you both speedy recovery.

  • Diane Preli

    thank you so much for sharing this update, I think of them everyday…

  • Andrew Warren

    Good luck to you Beverly. Hope you heal up well. Your photos and documentaries had a big impact on me, so thank you for what you are doing.

  • Rudolf Reichel

    Wishing you both a speedy and full recovery. You are doing very valuable work and thanks for the brilliant documentaries you two have produced over the years.

  • Chris Ntombemhlophe Reid

    Camagu! Wishing you a full recovery – your work is so valuable and inspiring – we need you guys well and back in the bush, leading by example! Makhosi! <3

    • harry

      Beverly a full recovery to you and your strong will! And Derek as well! The ANIMAL PLANET needs your brilliant work to continue and Randi and I wish you both the best. We hope to see you at JHWFF come September!

  • Patricia Balsdon

    Sorry to hear of your injuries – get well soon.

  • Peter Geraerdts

    Good luck is on your side. Hope you two recover well. Enjoy seeing your work!

  • Mike D

    Wishing Beverly and Derek a speedy recovery. They are both true champions of the wild. Their relentless work to save endangered African wildlife is inspiring.

  • Roydon Holdipp

    Get better soon guys. I thoroughly enjoy your documentaries and what you are doing for wildlife is absolutely phenomenal.

  • harry

    Beverly a full COMPLETE recovery is in store for you, your courage and your strong will! And Derek as well! The ANIMAL PLANET needs your brilliant work to continue and Randi and I wish you both the best. We hope to see you at JHWFF come September!


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