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Breaking news: Wild leopards captured for hunting on Walter Slippers’ farm


An ex-volunteer has come forward to share new information from Jan Walter Slippers’ farm in Limpopo Province where animal exploitation and neglect was recently revealed.


Photo of wild leopard sourced on Creative Commons ©antti.keskitalo

“One of the workers kept coming every few days, saying he needed chicken, so I presumed he needed it for Layla, their ‘house lion’ and I walked up to their house (they were away again). The worker said if I was quiet he would show me what they were for.

“There were seven wild leopards in a concrete shed at the back of their house. The leopards were separated by two rooms – both of no more than 6m² each. The animals were aggressive, scared and several were injured – it was terrifying. I’m afraid I vomited on the spot I was so horrified. I had heard a truck late at night leaving and returning, and I was told by two of the workers that Walter would get phone calls from farmers with problem leopards and go to trap them and put them in this shed for American hunters to shoot in hunting season.

“I took photos but later that week my phone went missing and several photos had been deleted when it randomly turned up again in my room. The two workers came and said they were sorry they lied. I had told the nature conservation representative, Lyle Wiggins, about the leopards and a week later when I was sure they were away again, I crept to the shed and discovered it empty and the walls bloodstained. He obviously told Walter and the leopards were removed somehow.”

These incidents again highlight the urgent need for the authorities to address the canned or captive hunting industry. In the meantime, South Africa’s reputation as a responsible tourism and hunting destination continues to be eroded.

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  • V Sanders

    This is sickening, and this Slipper is a disgusting human being. If people like him would quit feeding into the canned hunt problem it might stand a chance of going away. If the greedy s.o.b.s quit taking money, the selfish cruel Americans wouldn’t have any place to spend their money and the hunts would end. It has to stop.

  • Heather


  • chrysser

    “For American hunters.” This phrase sickens me. I apologize on behalf of my country. We are not all like this.

    • They are all pissed off because since the US banned the import of lion trophies into the USA they are finding it hard to come shoot a tame lion. To bring a dead lion back into the USA you now have to prove it helped conservation, so most of the lazy slob hunters can no longer bring these dead lions back to the USA, so they all trying to try change these laws so the lion killing business does not die.

  • Anil Johri

    Why Blame the Chinese Kitchen…what about the American Sitting Room walls?? Money in different forms…with all its ills. May d lord destroy them both…Amen.

  • Jd Creager

    Where is the proof or is this a simple lie again. I am really tired of the lies told by bunny huggers.

    • Margaret Hodgkins

      Better a bunny hugger (is that supposed to be an insult?) than a psychopathic murderer.

      • Jd Creager

        Margraret when was the last time you put 6 months ont he ground training any anti poacher teams? Oh crap wait you never have you dont know the first nor last thing about poacher and how to catch them.

        I do.

    • To prove a lie you need to counteract the evidence and prove otherwise, throwing insults is not exactly proof 🙂

    • How about his involvement in pseudo rhino hunts that is glorified poaching in disguise. You need proof? I shall provide court documents for you.

      • Jd Creager

        Damn right provide court documents, I have seen way more that you will ever thingk about. I see trash magazines lie to pump your mind full of crap. These rags lies just to get your dollar or rand. You make a lot of claims, all you have done is run your mouth now I calling and the magazine out as spreading more lies. Hunters do way more financially for wildlife that the anti hunters do. why is it hunter put their money forward and time, yet antis run their mouth and never never provide anything?

        You make a claim, you say I sit in the States, you know knowing of my travels, the places i have been across Africa helping people.

  • Jd Creager

    You also have to remember that in RSA leopard permits are limited by the GOVERNMENT. So that alone adds doubt to the truth about this story, Ex-Employee? Ok does anyone else not see the problem

    • No, they have stopped Leopard hunting here because they are concerned about the drop in numbers due to hunting.

  • JK

    JK Creager have you got some vested interest in this? The pictures and stories are coming out slowly but surely. You sound about as arrogant as Slipper himself.

    • He did a trophy hunt of a lion here in South Africa, so he is trying to prove that there is nothing unethical about shooting a tame lion by defending Walter Slippers. As for the proof there is a lot of that, but the truth hurts, so try deny it and make it go away and all will be alright.

      • JK

        Ahhhh I see. Thank you for clarifying .people like this sicken me to the core.

  • JK

    Who needs a permit when Slipper can supply exactly what you need no permit needed.

  • Babette Lewis

    This place needs to be shut down, pronto. Someone with clout will stop them because it’s animal CRUELTY!!! So they better stop now or forever hold their peace. The SA government is complicit in this game, so jail them too.

  • ctulpa

    So someone that was supposed to have worked their in the past tells somebody about some Leopards, but they lost their cell phone and lost any photos and when they went there to see the Leopards, there was no Leopards…Hmmmm How does this even make it to an article. This is just trash.
    Africa Geographic should be ashamed for putting this trash “article” out. Sounds more like a disgruntled ex-employee making noise. Or worse, just fabricated to make an article.

    And the photo of the story is not a Leopard that is on Slippers ranch. That is a photo of a Leopard taken from the internet on Wiki Commons to get viewers to read this trash.

  • joao

    but hunting of leopards doesn’t it need a cites permit ? whu does cites still issues permits ? again americans ; money involved ; people capitulate to cheap easy money ; and on top of it americans want still more of the same ; and they call themselves hunters ; ???

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