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Botswana must never allow any animal species or plants in the country to become extinct. Speaking during the reopening of the Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust restaurant on Saturday, January 24, President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama urged Botswana to shun poaching.

Botswana president Ian Khama
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“It is the people who cause extinction of species, and it is only us people who can prevent it,” said President Khama.

He noted that rhinos and other wildlife species have become extinct in other countries. “Let me once again remind anyone who may poach in this country that our rhinos are guarded by members of our security forces,” said President Khama.

Although he would not divulge numbers of rhinos and their locations for security reasons, President Khama said rhinos faced threats from poachers who feed the Asian market. He compared rhinos to diamonds in terms of revenue generation for the country. He added that rhinos also create employment for locals.


On the refurbishment of the restaurant, President Khama commended the board, management and staff of Khama Rhino Sanctuary for restoring the facility. The restaurant was refurbished at the tune of P2.2 million.He noted that the community of Serowe, Paje and Mabeleapodi would continue to benefit from the project. The trust has 47 permanent employees of which 95% come from the three villages. The trust also provides temporary employment to over 100 community members.

At the same ceremony, the FNB Foundation donated over P590 000 to the trust for fencing and ear-tagging of rhinos.

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