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After the sad news that a pack of Wild Dogs in Kruger was wiped out by Canine Distemper, lets start the week with some good news! The resident pack in Zimanga Private Game Reserve (KwaZulu-Natal) has just produced a litter of 13 pups, which all seem to be doing well! 

Wild Dogs-1

The images below were taken as part of a reconnaissance tour for our Zimanga Wild Dog Photography Workshop starting next month. The new pups not only show great potential for taking awesome images during the workshop, but are also a fantastic sign of hope for the growth of the species.

The den is situated ideally for photography, close to a road, and slightly elevated, with great lighting both in the morning and afternoon. The autumn colours from the surrounding tamboti trees also help to create inspiring images.

While out taking photos, this puppy was the first one to come out for the day and he immediately started to explore his surroundings!

Wild Dogs-2

But much to his dismay, the protective mother returned any pup that ventured away too far from the den.

Wild Dogs-3

As the breeding pair stayed with the pups, the rest of the pack went out to do the hunting. Upon return, the waiting dogs ‘begged’ for food by calling and licking the mouths of the other dogs.

Wild Dogs-4

The pups stayed silently napping inside the den until the mom eventually called them out. This one was the first pup out for the afternoon, and was the first one to get to drink.

Wild Dogs-5

Lunch time had arrived and the hungry pups drank from mom, the Alpha female.

Wild Dogs-11

Wild Dogs-6

In between drinking bouts, it was time for playing. It looks like this stump of grass is in trouble!

Wild Dogs-7

Wild Dogs-12

At about five weeks old, this was the first time we got all 13 pups in one photo!

Wild Dogs-8

Wild Dogs-9

Wild Dogs-10

As the pups returned for another feeding session, the Alpha female finally got it all figured out – the best way to deal with a drinking frenzy was to lie down and let it all happen.

Wild Dogs-13

Wild Dogs-14

After a drink the energetic wild dogs went back to playing and were practising to become mean killing machines.

Wild Dogs-15

Finally, the pups had a bit of rest after a busy day of playing before they all settled back in the den again.

Wild Dogs-16

Encounter these pups for yourself and develop your wildlife photography skills – email Nature’s Light to book the last available spaces on the Wild Dogs of Zimanga Photography Workshop running from 29th June to 2nd July 2016!

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