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Please stop shouting at me

Are you, as a marketer, simply shouting meaningless messages at your audience or are you actively engaging with your customers on an emotional level? We plead with advertisers to stop shouting at us!

Travel marketers must go Native

A “Native Advert” is loosely defined as where the marketing message is part of the content. And it’s a very important and growing aspect of travel marketing.

Getting the most out of TripAdvisor

If there’s one online platform all establishments HAVE to be involved in, it’s TripAdvisor. This blog post could never address all you need to know, but I will tell you what, why and how and give you a few tips. As for the rest, get stuck in and find out for yourself. What is it? […]

That perfect blog post for travel marketing

It’s been said before, but a well-crafted blog post is “the gift that keeps on giving” – it enjoys an extended online life and delivers an endless stream of readers.  Perhaps great online content is the “new advertising”, and that’s why Content marketing is creating such a buzz in the advertising industry. Here then are […]

8 essential elements of your online travel marketing strategy

Its so tough to keep up with the rising flood of new digital tools, devices, buzzwords and strategies. A bit like that lioness charging into a herd of dashing zebras – all stripes, dust and chaos. In amongst all the clutter I like to focus on 8 core travel marketing tools and activities.  This then is […]

What makes a good hotel web site?

I was recently emailed the question “what makes a good hotel web site?” Here then is my list of what I look out for in a web site, plus two excellent examples.    Fast loading, uncluttered, easy navigation; Use really great photos, videos and short bursts of informative text; Commission a pro photographer for your […]

How CHANGE is affecting the travel industry

Change is sweeping through the travel industry as the revolution gives travellers greater control over their holiday planning and provides the travel industry with effective tools and communities for marketing, sales and reservations. Change driven by the digital revolution The past few years have seen a massive digital revolution that has empowered us ALL […]