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What you can do to fight aliens!

An introduction to a trio of invasive alien plants in South Africa, and how can you get involved with controlling invasive alien plants in your own backyard.

Not a real pineapple

Learn about the pineapple flower – a deciduous plant belonging to the Hyacinth family that may resemble a pineapple, but is not actually closely related nor edible.

Why you should care about thickets

A thicket is a dense, almost impenetrable tangle of trees, shrubs, and vines, that is home to a host of biodiversity. Here is why you should spare a thought for thickets.

What is a para-ecologist?

Para-ecologists merge the gap between scientific communities and civil society, making them a vital conservation tool.

Where did all the penguins go?

A 1930’s video clip with Cherry Kearton gives an insight into the extent of the endangered African penguin population decline.

Will you go wild for wildlife?

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has launched their Wild for Wildlife campaign to help raise funds for the caring of wildlife in the Cape.

6 facts about renosterveld

A very special type of vegetation needs your help – here are six facts you need to know about renosterveld.

7 ways to save African penguins

Head to the annual penguin festival at Boulders Beach on the 17th October to celebrate African Penguin Awareness Day, and read on to learn about 7 different ways that you can help to conserve this endangered species.

10 facts about Cape leopards

Did you know that Cape mountain leopards are much smaller than other leopards in Africa? Read on to learn more about the Cape’s apex predator.

iSpot, sharing nature with curious minds

When you come across an interesting plant or animal, but you’re not sure what it is, just upload a picture of it onto iSpot and other users will assist you with identification!