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Go Plastic Free with WWF South Africa

WWF South Africa is working to prevent plastic pollution in our oceans through greater education and awareness among consumers and by developing easy-to-use tools to help consumers make responsible decisions and change behaviour.

9 facts about ragged-tooth sharks

The Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town have reopened their recently renovated shark exhibit with the introduction of nine beautiful ragged-tooth sharks.

Video: Capturing spotted cats with camera traps

Africa Geographic recently met up with the Cape Leopard Trust in the Cape, South Africa, to discover more about leopards and to find out why you should sign up for your free MySchool card to help raise funds for their environmental education programme.

SANCCOB: Saving sea birds one brick at a time!

Find out how you can contribute to the survival of one of Africa’s most endangered sea birds, the African penguin.

Make a splash this World Oceans Day

It’s World Oceans Day on the 8th June and the theme for this year is “OUR OCEANS, OUR FUTURE” with the aim of encouraging solutions to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future.”

Endangered Species Day: 5 organisations worth supporting

The 19th May is Endangered Species Day, and without thinking too hard we’re sure you can already list at least five threatened species in your head that could be facing extinction in our lifetime.

3 Ways to green your fingers this Earth Day

This year’s Earth day campaign is all about environmental and climate literacy. Stand up! Join up! Take action!

A youthful World Wildlife Day 2017

Friday, March 3rd we celebrate World Wildlife Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for the plight of our world’s wildest and most endangered creatures.

The Sunset Serenade – in support of SANParks Honorary Rangers

Support the Conservation Services Unit of the SANParks Honorary Rangers by attending the annual Sunset Serenade concert in the Kruger National Park.

Give a gift that counts this Christmas

Christmas is about giving from the heart more than giving from the store. This year give a gift that also gives back.

Celebrating cheetahs this International Cheetah Day

The fastest animal in the world is racing towards extinction, with less than 10,000 species left in the wild. Celebrate cheetahs this International Cheetah Day!

5 ways to help save our seas this World Fisheries Day

South Africa’s oceans are a source of tourism, wonder and perhaps most importantly a source of food. World Fisheries Day is celebrated across the globe by fishing communities to highlight the importance of water and marine life

Six charities doing it for the birds

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising Programme works with some inspiring organisations whose efforts are helping to conserve these birds for our future generations.

First abandoned penguin chicks admitted to SANCCOB

SANCCOB is synonymous with African penguins. Since being established in 1968, SANCCOB has treated approximately 90,000 oiled, ill, injured and abandoned African penguins and other seabirds.

An evening of leopard inspired artistry

An evening of leopard inspired artistry with the Cape Leopard Trust.

5 iconic wildlife species that need our help

These five species are in desperate need of protecting, before it is too late for their populations to bounce back.

13 African penguins released at Penguin Festival

SANCCOB and SANParks celebrate African Penguins for the annual Penguin Festival.

6 ways to show the earth some love, every day

Make a big difference with these green changes to your daily schedule.

Organisations putting rhinos first this World Rhino Day

The MyPlanet Rhino Fund donates funds to a variety of conservation organisations helping to protect rhinos.

Fun filled Penguin Festival for African Penguin Awareness Day

The annual Penguin Festival comes to Simon’s Town in order to promote African penguin conservation.

Go Wild for Wildlife with the SPCA

#GoWildforWildlife with The Cape of Good Hope SPCA!

9 great places to volunteer in South Africa for nature lovers

Help to conserve wildlife or make the world green again with these great places to volunteer in South Africa.

SANCCOB launches ‘Pennies for Penguins’ campaign to help save seabirds

Set up your own fundraising campaign through Pennies for Penguins to help save Africa’s seabirds.

Responsible ways to support big cats

Show your love for the big cats of Africa by giving your support in ways that make a real difference.

SANCCOB admits oiled African penguins and abandoned chicks

SANCCOB has admitted 92 oiled African penguins and 61 African penguin chicks to its centre in Cape St Francis, following an oil spill in Algoa Bay.

BirdLife South Africa launches ‘The African Bird Fair’

If you’re a bird lover, you won’t want to miss The African Bird Fair at the start of September in Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden!

Do your part this World Elephant Day

Find out how you can help protect pachyderms this World Elephant Day!

Empowering communities in need through nature

Some amazing projects going on throughout Africa that show how nature is helping to mend communities in a profound way.

6 ways to make a difference that lasts past Mandela Day

Six ways that you can make a long-term contribution this Mandela Day.

Hope for orphaned penguin chick survivor of leopard attack

An orphaned African penguin egg has been successfully hatched at SANCCOB after a leopard tragically killed 33 Endangered African penguins in the Cape.

Facts we bet you didn’t know about rooibos

Discover the amazing health benefits of rooibos, along with how this versatile plant is grown and cultivated.

Adopt an African penguin egg for Easter!

Show your support for SANCCOB by adopting an African penguin egg and supporting the conservation of their species.

South Africa’s coral trees – a study in scarlet


There is nothing in Africa quite as emblematic of the colour scarlet as the flaming coral tree. Find out more about this family of colourful fauna.

5 facts you didn’t know about the wild foxglove

The wild foxglove is part of South Africa’s indigenous flora. Find out more about this elegant plant now flowering at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens before going to see it for yourself.

Gardening for birds in 3 easy steps

Attract birds to your garden by meeting their 3 basic requirements.

African mahogany – the ‘I don’t know’ tree


9 facts about the iconic African mahogany tree!

First penguins of the year hatch at SANCCOB


The first four African penguin eggs of 2016 have hatched at SANCCOB in Cape Town. Read about how these endangered chicks are reared and cared for.

10 really easy ways to get involved this Earth Hour

Here are 10 simple ways to make a difference this Earth Hour on 19 March.

Ntsikeni Nature Reserve – a little-known gem

Nestled amongst the mountains in the foothills of the Drakensberg lies Ntsikeni Nature Reserve, an area of unique natural beauty and tranquility.

8 plants for gardening in drought

How you can garden in drought conditions with these eight plants that need little to no water.

6 facts about the awesome agapanthus

Agapanthus are simple, elegant and breathtaking flowers – here are 6 facts about this flower of love.

Medicinal plants in Pondoland

A closer look at some of the use of medicinal plants in the Pondoland region of South Africa.

Little green fingers can change the world

Creating a sensory garden for the Athlone School for the Blind in order to stimulate little green fingers!

Alternative flowers to give this Valentine’s Day

5 indigenous South African flowers to show you care this Valentine’s Day.

Adopt a penguin for your Valentine!

Adopt an African penguin at SANCCOB for your lovebird this Valentine’s Day!

5 things you should know about South Africa’s wetlands

The WWF shares 5 facts to celebrate this World Wetlands Day and highlight the need for water stewardship work that benefits our wetlands and other water resources.

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