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Home stretch

Jeff and Kerryn finally arrive back in South Africa after 145 days and 20 805 kilometers of travel. The biggest inevitability of the entire trip has arrived: The End.

Into Mozambique

Jeff and Kerryn travel to Mozambique to explore island beaches and soak up local culture on a budget.

Till we meet again, Malawi.

Jeff and Kerryn complete their last stretch in Malawi, although the last few days are spent sick in bed they vow that they will be back to visit again!

Heading north in Malawi

From Chinteche and the glorious Makuzi Beach, Jeff and Kerryn continue their African adventure up the coast to Malawi’s Nkhata Bay.

Into Malawi and onto the lake

Jeff and Kerryn continue their African adventure into Malawi where they find a secret campsite on a paradise-like beach at Lake Malawi.

Following the Zambezi through Zimbabwe

Kerryn and Jeff follow the Zambezi through Zimbabwe to Zambia. Along the way they discover that the hardest thing about travelling in Zimbabwe, is leaving Zimbabwe. Read all about their ups and downs in this blog.

Thanks Botswana, you've been awesome

A few weeks ago we were in Namibia, and tomorrow we drive onto Zim. Time seems to have flown in Botswana. But we’ll remember these last 19 days for a very long time. We’re writing this post from a place called Kasane, on the banks of the beautiful croc, hippo and tigerfish-infested Chobe River. It’s […]

Know your first aid kit in Africa

We’ll remember our first night in Etosha for a very long time, and for one very good reason: a bloody axe wound. In fact, even if we wanted to forget about it, we couldn’t. The 4-inch scar down my left forearm will see to that. It was all going so well. We were finally in […]

The 'Bird Man'

It’s a cliché, but one of the great things about travelling is the people you meet along the way. We have certainly met our fair share of locals and fellow travelers, from all walks of life. One of the coolest of them, with one of the most interesting stories, is a guy called Christopher who […]

Onwards and Upwards: Etosha and The Caprivi Strip

Today is our last day in Namibia. Of course by the time we find an internet connection and actually post this, today will probably be a few days ago and we’ll be somewhere in Botswana. But hey. We’ve spent the last 4 days at the magical Ngepi River Lodge, in the western corner of the […]

Up the Skeleton Coast and into Damaraland

After the awesome Spitzkoppe, we traveled back to Swakopmund, where we spent another couple of days at the Desert Sky Backpackers. We got the aircon fixed, which by the way now seems to broken again, sampled plenty of Camelthorn at the Brauhaus and, well, not much else really. From Swakop we headed north into the […]

A weekend at The Spitzkoppe

If you’ve missed any of Jeff and Kerryn’s previous posts, read them all here. With Friday being a public holiday in Namibia, we ended up having to kill a few days before we could get Andy (our landrover) in to see an auto electrician. Neither of us were too keen to spend the entire weekend […]

Sesriem & Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is Namibia’s number 1 tourist attraction. And rightly so – it defies adjectives. Although there are plenty of tour busses and overland trucks around, it’s vast enough to feel completely alone. And the silence is deafening. We stayed at Little Sossus campsite for a night, and then at the Sesriem Rest Camp, inside the […]

Wild horses and ghost towns

The road from Aus to Luderitz passes through the territory of a small but famous population of wild horses. The stark, foggy landscape also happens to be incredibly beautiful. In Luderitz, we stayed at the only backpackers in town. It was quaint and homely and just right. It was also quite nice to sleep in […]

End of Chapter One

We’re in Swakopmond. We tumbled in late yesterday afternoon after a week of intense heat, some horrendously corrugated gravel roads, and desert scenery more breathtaking than we could ever have imagined. Oh and sand. Lots of sand. After 2 showers the Namib Desert is starting to come out of our hair. It might take a little […]

Augrabies, The Fish River Canyon and a birthday surprise

From Twee Rivieren we headed back down to Upington and then on to Augrabies National Park. It was fairly late in the afternoon as we pulled into the little SAN Parks campsite. We set up camp as fast as we could as we were keen to takes some photies of the sun setting over the […]

The Place of Smoke – Semonkong, Lesotho

Across the Lesotho border, over some breathtaking, high-altitude passes, beyond a few sparkling mountain streams, above a zig-zagging valley carved out by the magnificent Maletsunyane River, lies a little village called Semonkong. Anonymous horsemen patrol its streets, and bleached-white Angora goats graze amongst the huts. Though not immediately apparent, it’s also home to a few […]

Desert Life in the Kgalagadi

We’ve just spent 6 nights in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. What a pity it couldn’t have been a bit longer – it’s like nothing either of us have ever seen before. Well actually I have seen it before, but I was 6 at the time, so the memories are a bit blurry. Kerryn grew up […]

Away We Go

We’re writing this post from Mata Mata camp, half way up the western boundary of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Namibia is a sand dune away, just visible under a star-spangled sky. Jo’burg feels a million miles further. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 4 days. It’s Sunday night, but we’ll probably only get to […]

So long, life as we know it

In a few days time, Kerryn and I will be saying a lot of goodbyes. Goodbye Jozi, you beautiful city. Goodbye friends and family. Goodbye work. Goodbye couch and DSTV. Goodbye Armitage Shanks, Sealy Postupedic, Phillips and Defy. Goodbye spacious fridge filled with fresh food and other delicious things. Goodbye Woolworths. Goodbye #47 Hanover Gate. […]