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Video: Elephants go mad for marulas in our garden

“Elephants love marula fruit. I have seen them rush to a tree with a lot of fallen fruit the same way they would hurry to a waterhole when they are thirsty. We happen to have two marula trees in our garden that drop a lot of fruit.. too much for an elephant to resist!”

Update: The wandering N4 highway Kruger lion

Remember the lion that was found wandering on the N4 highway this past September? Here’s an update on his latest whereabouts.

Contact! A real-life story about a poaching incident in Kruger

Living in the Kruger can be amazing an experience, but an incident for one resident hits close to home the realities of rhino poaching.

Kruger’s roaming lions

“Never a dull moment in the bush” is something my husband and I tell each other all the time. Well, that is certainly true for the events of a few weekends ago when a male lion got out of our stunning Kruger National Park!

Video: There is an elephant in the driveway!

An elephant tucks into some juicy vegetation in a residential garden in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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