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Magical Malawi

The final day’s cycle in Tanzania was a 158km ride, but one of the most beautiful scenic roues on tour so far. It’s always a little sad leaving a magnificent place like Tanzania, but at the same time the feeling

Tanzania, in the heart of the rainy season

After a wonderful mini holiday with my dad it was time to say the very sad and emotional good bye. Impressively, I held it together very well while saying farewell to my dad, but I won’t deny that the feeling of

From Nairobi to Arusha

Nairobi was a fantastic city in which to have a rest day. With well established infrastructure, modern shopping malls, cute cafes, sights to see, activities to do and numerous good restaurants to try, everyone had a busy schedule. The Carnivore

Through the amazing country of Kenya…

Upon arrival in Kenya, everyone was excited to see what this magnificent country had to offer. We camped at the border town and began the “Meltdown Madness” section of the TdA tour the following day, which has been known to

Rest day in Yabello, then on to the Kenyan border..

The ride into Yabello and the rest day became known as the toughest of the trip. I know I keep saying that, but this day of off-road cycling and other factors such as a strong head wind and climbing made

Ethiopia continues…

As we rode in convoy out of the city, I was actually sad to leave Addis Ababa. One rest day was just not enough. With so much to do and see, I feel like I needed a week to really

Ethiopia, here we go!

Crossing borders from Sudan to Ethiopia was a quick process as far as the paperwork was concerned. Before I knew it, I was walking my bicycle across an old bridge and into what seemed to be a whole new world.

Tackling the toughest section of the Tour d'Afrique

TdA organizers suggested we make the most of our Khartoum rest day, as the section that was to come is known to be the toughest of the entire trip. I decided it was only fair to spoil myself to a

Withstanding the desert sandstorms of Sudan

From my naïve understanding, Sudan is a scary place of great danger. But after arriving in this country, all the TdA riders immediately felt the friendly presence of the locals. It has truly been a heart-warming experience – as I

Journeying on to Idfu..

Date: 25 January 2013 Once back in the comfort of my dirty hotel room, I organized myself for yet another early start as we would be making our way to the next small town of Idfu. The cycle to Idfu

Rest day in the Valley of the Kings

This is part 4 of the Cairo to Cape Town series. If  you missed Tessa’s last post, Bad start in Cairo means it can only get better – you can read it here. Date: 21 January 2013 Once we left the seaside village of Safaga, we

Bad start in Cairo, means it can only get better…

This is part 3 of the Cairo to Cape Town series. If  you missed Tessa’s last post, Goodbye Cape Town, Hello Cairo – you can read it here. Date: 15 January 2013 We started the first day super early. I was unable to sleep as excitement

Goodbye Cape Town, Hello Cairo

Date: 10 January 2013 It is difficult to say how I was feeling when I finally departed. At first, I was excited to begin this epic journey, to meet my Tour d’Afrique team and to see my parents who’d arrived

Cairo to Cape Town: The journey begins

Meet Tessa Melck, our newest blogger to join Safari! In January this year, Tessa began her most epic adventure yet – competing in the Tour D’Afrique, one of the longest bicycle races and expeditions in the world. The race began in Cairo

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