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Just a typical day on an African art safari

Find out what you can expect from an art safari with Alison Nicholls in the Greater Kruger National Park.

How to sketch lions in watercolour

Artist Alison Nicholls demonstrates how she adds watercolour to a pencil field sketch.

How to draw lions – the stages of a field sketch

Alison Nicholls’ recreates her lion watercolour painting in studio in order to show us the stages of a field sketch.

The perfect time to sketch wildlife

Artist Alison Nicholls discusses the best time to start a sketch.

Tips for sketching in the field

African wildlife rarely stays still for one to even get a good photograph let alone sketch it. Alison Nicholls has some tips for artists inspired by Africa

Where is the lion’s eye?

Watch as Alison Nicholls helps in the painting of a school in rural Tanzania.

Sketching among the Maasai

Alison Nicholls talks about sketching with, and for, the Maasai in Tanzania.

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