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Africa Geographic101 Kruger Tales

The hyena, the fence and my little boy’s hand

A recount of an incident that happened in Kruger in 2010 when a little boy narrowly escaped severe injury when attacked by a hyena through a camp fence.

The lioness that opened the door

What do you do when your car won’t lock and a lioness decides to open your car door?

Paddling lion cubs and the croc

Lion cubs come face to face with a crocodile in Kruger, South Africa.

Honey badger dragging a carcass

A leopard’s abandoned impala carcass is conquered by the toughest creature in Kruger – the honey badger!

Bumbling lions in the jackalberry tree

Two clumsy lions try to climb a jackalberry tree in Kruger to get to a leopard’s impala kill.

The hippo, the impala and the natural order of things


An impala flees from a hyena into the jaws of a crocodile, only to be saved by a hippo… but wait.. that is not where this extraordinary Kruger story ends…

Leopard raids the braai

A leopard with a taste for bacon raids a skottel braai at a picnic site in Kruger.

The leopard that killed the cheetah that killed the impala

If the stars align just right, you might be lucky enough to see something so extraordinary – barely believable – that it becomes Kruger folklore. Just as it was with this lucky leopard sighting.

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