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Blogging Guidelines

A good blog post enjoys an extended online life and appeals to an endless stream of readers.

Your blog post will generate ongoing readers if it contains information that travelers are searching for online: sound advice and useful information. They tend to use search terms like “Things to do in Knysna” or “The best place to see lions in Kenya” or “Lodges near Victoria Falls”.

A blog post is not an advert. Avoid ‘brochure language’ and don’t push your product – that will chase readers away.

Try to write concisely – 250 to 500 words in total. Less is more. Save the long-winded, waffly stories for that novel you are planning.

A successful title should be catchy and approximately 6 words.

A great picture is worth a thousand words and online media is a very visual medium so include jaw-dropping, shareable images and video links. If you have a really unique picture to compliment the story your blog post will be shared more often.

Our blogs are marketed via our social media ecosystem, so always ask yourself if YOU would Like, Tweet or Share your blog with your friends.

Here are a few blog styles that we find do well (don’t try all in one post):

Numbered, listed posts – “best of”, “top ten reasons to go”, “5 unusual facts”.

– Useful need-to-knows like “what to pack” and “how to get there”, if writing a travel/factual blog post.

Opinion pieces. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion and express how you feel.

– Tell a story. People love a good story, and we know that Africa is not short of inspirational and entertaining stories.

– Chatty, conversational style of writing. Blog posts tend to be a lot less formal than print, people like to see the ‘real you’.

– Urgent, current and newsy pieces do well as they are topical.

YOU are responsible for providing the necessary copyright information for your content. Google what’s required of you and don’t use other people’s copyrighted material without permission.

Make sure to read and understand our blogging rules:

Lastly, check out our blog posts for inspiration and guidance: https://africageographic.com/blog/

Please submit all blog posts as Word docs and attached images to editors@africageographic.com


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