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In the African bush, life for young animals can sometimes be tough. When facing life’s daily challenges, you simply have to stand on your own two feet, or in this case four feet! It can be quite a struggle to coordinate four rubbery limbs, especially when your ears and nose get in the way. Fortunately for this little one, he is surrounded by a mother and sibling who are there to encourage and nudge him along.

While watching the below video from The Bushcamp Company, you can’t help but root for this little elephant and add your encouragement as well! Eventually, he manages to keep his trunk out of the way and use it to his advantage. Since there were no threats around, he had time to figure it out, and he’ll be stronger for having gained his footing on his own. Once up, he is ready to go!


Although baby elephants need to find their feet quickly if they are to keep up with the rest of the family, at approximately three months, this baby is still figuring it out, and he will continue to have challenges for another couple of months.

baby elephant try to walk
©Ian Salisbury

At birth, baby elephants only have 30-40% of their brains developed. As a result, most of the brain development comes after they are born as they explore their world and gain experience. During this time, they are protected by older siblings and the adults of the group. Frequently, when outside threats appear, babies are put in the centre of the group to keep them safe.

Baby elephant is struggling to walk

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