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Paragliding Kili

For the more adventurous (or crazy – subject on how you look at it), climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is only the first step, before you throw yourself off it… I mean paraglide off it.

Kwita Izina: Rwanda’s gorilla naming ceremony

Recognising the importance of names in Rwandan culture, the government of Rwanda and the Rwandan Development Board have used naming ceremonies – known as Kwita Izina (“to give a name”) – to promote the protection of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas.

Breathing new life into Chad’s Zakouma National Park

Breathing new life into Zakouma National Park has taken a great amount of time, energy and effort, but the rewards are slowly beginning to show. Part of this new lease on life, the park is sparking interest among many nature and safari lovers.

Tackling Mount Nyiragongo

To better understand why anyone would want to climb an active volcano, some members of our Wild Frontiers team tackled Mount Nyiragongo in the DR Congo.

Discovering the ecological diversity of Uganda

Uganda, the ‘Pearl of Africa’, offer visitors incredible diversity with its multitude of varying ecosystems. Bordered by the Rwenzori Mountains, the Virunga Mountains and Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria, it’s a beautiful country bursting with bird and wildlife.

Photographic safari: Tips for the Serengeti

With collective migrating game numbers in the millions, the opportunities for great photographs are not in short supply. Although there is a richness of wildlife to focus your eyes and your camera on, great photographs are about more than just getting hundreds of shots and picking the best ones.

Remarkable Rwanda

Remarkable Rwanda is just that. Like a phoenix rising from its turbulent past this is a surprising country – safe, clean, proud and breathtakingly beautiful with loads to offer the adventurous traveller.

Victoria Falls marathon: one of the world’s most scenic running routes

Grab your running shoes and stretch out that hamstring in preparation for the 2017 Econet Victoria Falls Marathon. Taking place in beautiful Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the race sprints into its 12th year in 2017 and will be looking to grow from the 2500 participants that attended the race last year.

Tanzania: more than just the Serengeti

Tanzania has more to it than the Serengeti and the Great Migration and here we at Wild Frontiers explore why this beautiful country is fast becoming one of Africa’s main tourist hotspots.

Why low season is the best time to visit East Africa

The Travel Industry can be a cruel beast. One month you’re booked solid and can’t find a leopard up a tree without being swarmed by other safari vehicles and the next you’re practically alone in the wide expanse of the Serengeti.

The Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon is just around the corner

Adventure tourism is the next big thing as people seek to see every inch of a destination in as many different ways as possible. Now going into its 15th edition on the 26th of February, the Kilimanjaro Marathon is one event that draws record crowds to Tanzania, where a safari or climbing Kili are obvious extensions to the adventure

When the most elusive of the safari Big Five changes its spots

The wild is a strange place. You can spend years searching for something, always missing it by inches or seconds. Years hearing how everyone else has seen the most elusive creature of the African bushveld. You’ll stop and stare at every branch, discoloration or hanging vine hoping to be lucky enough to just catch a […]

Giraffes on the move!

Rothschild’s giraffes relocated within Murchison Falls National Park to enhance the long-term survival of the species.

Zambezi River bucket list

The mighty Zambezi River was on Samantha Backstrom’s bucket list for many years and she got to experience its great pleasure at Pioneers Camp in the Zambezi National Park.