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The return of the pink elephant

The pink elephant is back! A surprise encounter with the pink elephant calf that was born at Umlani Bushcamp two years ago shows that he is still doing just fine and looking quite healthy.

A new cat on the block

A young male leopard seems to be settling in quite well in the central Timbavati, having wandered in from a private concession in the Kruger National Park.

A model leopard

Every safari-goers dream is to get to see a leopard when out on game drive, the sense of accomplishment when finding Africa’s most elusive big cat just cannot be beaten. The only thing that can potentially make it any better is when that elusive cat is so relaxed around the presence of the vehicles and people that it poses for photos in just about every angle that you can want.

Lion vs. buffalo: a soap opera in the bush

One exceptional sighting happened a couple of weeks ago and it involved two of Africa’s ultimate enemies: lion and buffalo. That morning, we found a large herd of Cape buffalo grazing peacefully while making their way towards one of our waterholes. We quickly realised they were not alone, as trailing them was two relatively young male lions.

Photoseries: the night of the lion

On hearing reports of a huge male lion that had made his way onto the traversing area at Umlani, guests and guides go out in search of the magnificent male.

An evening in the life of a leopard

It was an overcast day in the Timbavati when the staff at Umlani decided to get out into bush and explore the varying landscapes. Little did we know at the time that what we were about to be treated to an incredible glimpse into the life of Africa’s most elusive predator, the leopard.

An exciting sighting of a pink elephant calf with blue eyes

One thing becomes clear, being out in the bush on a daily basis – nature never runs short of surprises. When you think you have seen it all, suddenly you see something completely out of the ordinary that makes you realise how amazing it actually is being out in the wild!

In love with a blue-eyed leopard

The Timbavati is known for its leopards and Umlani Bushcamp has one very special resident female that has stolen many hearts, including operations manager Greg’s.

Why I love the Timbavati

The operations manager at Umlani Bush Camp spills the beans on the best bits about living in the Timbavati.

A leopard lounges about in a treehouse

A leopard gets one over on the staff at Umlani Bush Camp when, to their great surprise, they found her taking a nap on the bed in their treehouse! With renovations in order to make it safer for guests, this curious leopard reminds us that we are in the animals’ territory when in the bush.