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A walk on the wildside

There’s an added dimension of excitement and anticipation when walking through the bush as opposed to embarking on the typical game drive.

Timbavati: a great all-rounder

It’s hard to single out one reserve or park form another, or one lodge over its neighbour, but when Tony Park is contacted by prospective first-time visitors to South Africa – those who can afford a stay in a private lodge – he often finds himself coming back to the Timbavati.

To drive or be driven, that is the question…

I’m giving a first-time visitor to Africa some advice about game-viewing at the moment, and the eternal question of a private game lodge or reserve versus a self-driving safari in a public national park has once more raised its head. It’s a tricky one… As with most things in life, the decision partly comes down […]

Year of the snake

I knew it would happen one day, after a buying a house in the South African bush, that I’d eventually have to confront my greatest fear. So far we’ve experienced a leopard outside the back door (caught on my camera trap), close encounters with elephants and buffaloes and a pride of lions that occasionally shows […]

24 Hours in Paradise: A Game Count in Zimbabwe

I’m tired but happy. I’ve counted 14 different species and there are literally hundreds of animals spread out before me, cropping the fresh emerald grass that is sprouting through the black ash left by a veld fire that tore through here a week ago. Zebras are braying everywhere and between the jostling herds are rare […]

Zimbabwe: safe as houseboats

Return to Eden is a good name for a houseboat. Every time I come back to Lake Kariba I find I’ve forgotten just what a paradise it is. The winter days are sunny and warm and the nights are mild. Hippos honk from the shallows and somewhere in the thick mopane growth of Matusadona National […]

Why Africa? Novelist Tony Park on his Addiction to Africa

I’m an Australian who writes novels set in Africa and I spend six months of every year travelling in Africa, researching and writing my books. Not surprisingly, the second question most people ask me (after ‘how long does it take to write a book?’) is ‘why Africa?’ It’s a good question, and the answer is […]