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A new pride joins the lions of Tintswalo

Like an African ‘Game of Thrones’, the lions of Tintswalo experience regular upheavals and transformation, with the change in power dynamics and the arrival of new blood on the reserve.

Video: male lions and carcass chaos

Males are high up the pecking order within the pride structure and won’t tolerate anyone who challenges what is of utmost importance to their own genetic survival. Especially when it comes to food, lions are generally extremely competitive and will fight vigorously for their place at the carcass.

Video: Becoming the lion king

Practicing the skills needed for adult life is the most important part of any young animals journey in the wild! These little lion cubs are learning some crucial lessons.

Video: A leopards game of hide and seek

The element of surprise is the most crucial component for the success of a leopard. With a coat of complex patterning that breaks up the shape of the body, these magnificent cats can melt into their environment without being detected.

Do elephants mourn the death of other herbivores?

The Mbiri lionesses were faced with a choice when a couple of elephants came feeding towards them whilst they were on a Buffalo kill. They could either stick with their lunch and risk getting a heavy hiding or to get out of the way and fast

All about the martial eagle

A closer look at the habits and conservation status of Africa’s largest eagle after it is spotted by safari-goers in the Greater Kruger.

12 adorable wild dog puppies!

12 wild dog puppy additions to the Investec Breakaway Pack have been spotted outside the Tintswalo Safari Lodge in the Manyeleti Game Reserve.