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Video: allogrooming among baboons

Allogrooming is a very important part of social structures within a species, and chacma baboons are no exception as they are one of the most social mammals around!

Video: the symbiotic benefits of oxpeckers

Some of you may not be to familiar with this little bird, but oxpeckers perform one of the most important roles in the ecosystem. They have this fascinating symbiotic relationship with a number of animals whereby it removes parasites (mostly ticks) from the animal, and in return gets a nice meal.

Video: on safari with lions

A safari is an experience which can only be felt and understood when you actually do it! Many people dream of coming to Africa for a safari and this is not only because of the experience of being close to wild animals, but also the emotion of feeling alive.

Video: Dispelling a myth about Impala

It is so common in the safari industry that guides are taught things which are not inline with logic and the laws of nature, and I am out to dispel the myth pertaining to the birthing practise of Impala.

Lucky leopard escapes lion pride

As a young leopard finds himself in the path of a lion pride, he needs to think quickly in order to escape before they take notice.