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Wonders of the Waterberg

Discover the many wonders of the Waterberg – the ideal getaway for those wanting to explore in a unique wilderness area of South Africa.

Video: Wildlife viewing through a horse’s ears

While game drives are a great way to cover large distances in the bush while searching for wildlife, nothing quite beats viewing wildlife through a horse’s ears while on a horseback safari. It’s a unique vantage point and one that offers many benefits.

Conducting a game census safari on horseback

The Ant Collection’s game census safari is an annual event, but this year it was even more essential to assess the grazer and browser populations on the reserve. The most efficient way to count the game is from horseback, and this year 19 guests and 19 guides took part.

Addicted to the Ant Collection

“During my first trip to Ant’s, one of the guides told us: ‘Once you get the dirt of the Waterberg in your shoes, you will come back’. I must have gotten a truck load in my shoes – I’ve been back 17 times!” ~ Bobbi Laurens.

Wild for the Waterberg at The Ant Collection

Just three hours from the buzzing city of Johannesburg, in a little-known corner of South Africa, the Waterberg region awaits. Here are just 5 reasons why you should go wild for the Waterberg!

A bush dog’s wild encounters

Fall in love with the ultimate bush dog and best friend of the owner of Ant Collection. Friends with rhinos and a champion motorbike rider, this black labrador is so much more than just a companion.