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Klaserie Sands River Camp

An extraordinary sighting: Cheetahs

The Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa will almost certainly provide an extraordinary sighting during any particular safari, and guests of Senalala in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve were very fortunate to experience an extraordinary sighting of their own in the form of two cheetahs.

A unique sighting: Buffalo with a broken horn

If there is one thing visitors to the Greater Kruger National Park can count on during a safari visit, is that they will almost always see something unique, such as this buffalo who had part of his horn missing.

Video: The cutest leopard couple in the Klaserie

Every year our leopard sightings increase and this one, in particular, is special as it it is the beginning of a cycle where the offspring (assuming the mating was successful) will be seen by future guests and become more relaxed around vehicles full of tourists.

Video: the curious elephant behaviour of play-fighting

From a relatively early age, young male elephants in the same herd will interact with each other and “tussle”. As they get older they will play-fight and as different families intermingle, they will spar with other young males of a similar age from the other families.

Rare sighting: hyena cubs spotted on game drive

Each one of the Greater Kruger National Park’s remarkable animals has a set of unique characteristics and hyena are no different. At Senalala Luxury Safari Camp we were fortunate enough to have a great sighting of month-old hyena cubs on one of our game drives.

Video: wildebeest chase wild dogs!

Guests at Senalala Camp are treated to the privilege of experiencing wild-dogs on safari, a rare sighting, and then to see these wild dogs out smarted by a Gnu is even less common.

Safe guarding the Southern ground-hornbill

The Southern ground-hornbill is one of South Africa’s most endangered animals and its plight is lost in the mass of threatened creatures that are struggling to survive the onslaught of all the usual factors contributing to the decline of animal diversity on our continent.

Fun facts about the infamous black mamba

Safari adventurers visit their destination with different expectations. Unfortunately, in the early evolution of this awe inspiring industry​, the term Big Five was used to draw safari enthusiasts to the bush.

A leopard and an elephant sighting at a Marula tree

Having seen the leopard in the Marula tree with the Steenbok kill the evening before and motivated to view the sighting again, we decided to venture out earlier than the normal on morning game drive at about 5.00am

A rare encounter on a walking safari

While we attempt to ensure that our guests fulfil their “safari dreams” on one of our walking safari experiences, this usually consists of an interaction with elephants, white rhino, cape buffalo and the occasional Lion

A walking safari in the Kruger with Senalala camp

To truly experience the safari experience it is worthwhile to venture one step further and participate in a walking safari ( defined as an activity where you would have the opportunity to approach dangerous game on foot).