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Africa’s greatest animal dads

Having recently celebrated a first Father’s Day with our baby son it got me thinking that fathers in the animal kingdom often get a bad rap but surely there must be some good dads?  So, here are the prize winners for the best animal dads, native to Africa. Award for the most protective dad – […]

The 10 Best Things about Being on Safari

It is often said that an African safari is a spiritual experience – something we require in our busy lives to remind us of why we exist. This feeling normally comes upon you at some point during your adventure and, when it does, you will know that you have been bitten by the Africa bug […]

10 Things to Consider When Planning a Safari for your Family

Forget zoos, what could be more exciting to a child than encountering animals in the wild? A safari is a perfect holiday for the family, because not only will children will be exposed to incredible wildlife but also a vastly different culture, allowing for a fun and educational experience. Imagine your children seeing a magnificent […]

Top 10 favourite sounds of the African bushveld

Whilst watching a wildlife documentary on the TV the other night I was struck by just how I missed the sounds of the African bushveld.  Living in a city, miles away from my beloved Africa it struck me how emotive those sounds were and it created a real longing in me; a longing to be […]

Botswana in the green season

Most people wishing to visit Botswana will likely be advised to head to the country during the dry season which runs from April to October. The reason for this would be that it is cooler than the hot Nov – Mar period.   With less rain, the wildlife concentrates around permanent water (Okavango and Chobe) and it is easier […]