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A Nile crocodile in the ocean?

I was up in Sodwana Bay when we heard that a nile crocodile had been spotted in the surf. Imagine catching a wave and and coming across one of these guys in the barrel.  

The Affirmation of Ordinary Life

To go on holiday to the African tropics, to the beaches and the blue seas. Hurrah. A family on an African adventure. Months of expectation, the small plane with propellers, the intimate stroll across the tarmac to the sparkling mini JFK , newly constructed by the Chinese, in exchange for something else. Expectations high. So […]

The Transparency and Reflectiveness of Zoos

As social institutions with a history that dates back to 3500 BC, zoos are simultaneously transparent and reflective. Transparent in that there is no pretence to offering a  “natural experience” on its own terms as suggested by game parks. Reflective in that the physical structure and strategic management of the zoo reflects our default modern […]