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One night in the Kalahari

Rachel Lang discusses her time in the Kalahari: from amusing hornbills and small scavengers to the night sky.

Breaking records for the love of birds

John Kinghorn set aside 2014 as his Big Birding Year, determined to break the record for the youngest person to see 800 bird species within a calendar year in the Southern African sub region.

Young scientist brings the ocean ashore in False Bay

We have the privilege of seeing the deep blue wilderness through the eyes of scientist Lauren De Vos. It’s hard to believe that Lauren grew up so far from the ocean, in the city of Johannesburg, one would sooner have believed that she was brought up with mermaids and seals.

The desert has eyes

Rachel embarks on Namibia’s Living Desert tour and discovers little weird and wonderful desert-adapted creatures in a seemingly dry and lifeless place.

Secrets of the San

Namibia is an incredible country. I still have much to discover, but already I have been romanced by it’s rugged open plains and the feeling of wild freedom these expanses stir within me. It’s certainly an unusual kind of beauty. At first glance, much of Namibia can seem dry and lifeless, yet it really isn’t! […]

Cruising through colourful Katutura

Day one of Go Big Namibia took us on an exciting whizz-about tour through Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek, a vibrant place that is a blend of old and new – long-standing colonial churches built by early German settlers stand amongst bustling modern-day infrastructure. The city is safe to explore on foot, and, if you know […]

Namibia… here I come!!

That adrenalin-tingling anticipation when an adventure is just around the corner – it must be one of the best feelings in the world! On the 23rd of August I’ll be leaving for Namibia (my first visit to the country), taking part in ‘Go BIG Namibia’, a 10 day tour organised by Namibia Tourism Board to […]

Why Climbing mountains is good for you

Original source: The thing about climbing a mountain is that you have to do it one step at a time. Like the way you would eat an elephant – one bite a time. Although it’s not clear why anyone would want to eat an elephant (unless starving with no other option) – some folks […]

Sibling rivalry in the African bush

Original source: If I was born into a family of Verreaux Eagles, my sister would have pushed me out of the nest a long time ago. Beth and I had a love-hate relationship growing up. Sometimes we were best friends, other times we wanted to rip each other’s hair out. Although she is younger […]

Magnificence and mystery at Cape Point

Original source: As far as cities go, Cape Town is a winner for the outdoorsy type. After spending a year and a half exploring this wonderful city and its surrounds, I’ve finally concluded that the place I love most is Cape Point.  I love watching waves throw themselves wildly against the rocky mountain cliffs, spotting […]

Life, love and elephants – a most beautiful book

‘…this is the story of safaris and nights under the stars; of my ‘soulmate’ David, my daughters Jill and Angela, the birth of our elephant orphanage, my life lived – all interwoven with spell binding stories of the many different animals that have immeasurably enriched my life, animals I have reared and loved and come to […]

Seals, snorkels and salty water– an Ocean-bound adventure

Original source: ‘Guess what?’ said Scotty, bounding up to me with a big grin, ‘we are going snorkelling with seals this weekend! I just saw a friend of mine, Steve, who runs Animal Ocean – they take people snorkelling with seals off Hout Bay, and he’s convinced me that we should go on Sunday.’ Clearly, it didn’t […]

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Original source: Braving a night-time walk in Laikipia, Kenya, I made my way down a little dirt path through the camp. Suddenly I froze. In the light of my torch shone two little blazing eyes, unblinking, gleaming at me boldly. The bushbabies’ little frog feet clung to a small acacia bush, just two feet […]

Tents, blood and Okavango lions – a family story

Original source: In every bush-loving family there is the story. That legendary tale that gets told again and again around the campfire to new friends on full moon nights, when buffalo-shaped bushes shift in the wind, casting shadows that look like stalking lions… This is our family’s story, set on a night just as […]

Stubborn horses and Gentle giraffes

Original source: Being on horseback in the bush is exhilarating! You can approach game from a close distance because the animals seem to recognise you as a fellow four-legged creature, rather than a human, so they are accepting of your presence . Also, unlike a noisy Landrover, you can move quietly. The horse I […]

When my Grandad was a kid in the Kruger National Park

Original source: One of the best things about a holiday in the Kruger is the feeling that I am partaking in a family tradition – my Grandad has been going the Park since he was just a little baby, and my Dad too. On a recent family trip, while having ‘sundowners’ at Lower Sabie rest […]

Micro-lighting in South Luangwa and the secret trauma of crocodiles

As an aspiring conservationist, I recognise the importance of appreciating all forms of life – the ‘cute’ and the ‘beautiful’, the ‘ugly’ and the ‘ferocious’. But, quite frankly, I have always found it most difficult to love crocodiles. When I was a child I had a recurring nightmare in which I watched hopelessly as my […]

5 Amazing African Trees

When my mum and dad first began dating, my dad was stationed in the Kruger National Park, where he was working on vegetation maps for the army. My mum, desperate to impress her new wilderness man, decided to study the names of trees. It worked! And now, years later, she still surprises us by sprouting […]

A South African Young Explorer

Ever dreamt of embarking on an extreme, once-in-a-lifetime adventure? What about summiting a previously unclimbed peak? … or having an intimate encounter with a shark? 21-year-old Rick Kotze, who recently took part in Mike Horn’s Young Explorer Program, shared his experience of a brave new world with Africa Geographic. Rachel Lang: Tell me about yourself… […]

Africa’s dinosaur bigger than the T-rex!

My parents didn’t let us watch Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park when it first came out. But my dad, whom we begged stories out of nightly, relayed his own version of the dramatic screenplay, in which the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most fearsome of all – the biggest, strongest, meanest, meat-eating dinosaur of all time – […]

Southern African hedgehogs: life in a prickly skin!

Cute … kind of ugly … spiny… delightful … adorable – I find it hard not to love hedgehogs! So here’s a bit more about these too oft-ignored little creatures… Stranger Danger! The Southern African hedgehog’s most distinguished feature is the sharp-tipped spines that cover its body like armor. An adult has about 5,000 of […]

Biodiversity in Africa: a reason to celebrate!

Yesterday was World Biodiversity Day … so what’s the big deal? Africa has eight official biodiversity hotspots. A biodiversity hotspot is an area that is alive with a rich variety of unique species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. Have you been to any of these amazing regions…? Cape Floristic Kingdom, Coastal […]

A Zambian surprise

We had been travelling for two days straight. Our destination? Zambia’s famously beautiful South Luangwa National Park. But in just two seconds our hopes were destroyed – along with two goats that had wandered merrily into the middle of the road. I shed a silent tear for the dead goats, but soon wished I hadn’t. […]

Ian Player: man of the wilderness

Growing up brought with it a certain disappointment for me. Perhaps because, as a child, I always believed that the hero wins, that the good guy comes through in the end. And even if he dies it’s always for a greater good. After all, isn’t that how all great adventure stories end? Frodo destroys the […]

Hanli Prinsloo: the freediving mermaid

What if you could hold your breath for a whole six minutes? For freediving ocean warrior Hanli Prinsloo, diving 65m into the deep blue ocean is like coming home. But what if, as Hanli believes, we all have the untapped ability to do this? Sound crazy? It may not be as crazy as you think. […]

Frogging About

I was quite amused when first invited to go ‘frogging’. It was while working as a school-teacher at a lodge in the Sabi Sands. Our head ranger, Kate was taking out two trainee rangers to introduce them to the amphibian world. They arrived kitted out with headlamps, gumboots and frog identification books. ‘Do you like […]

Clever ellies and an amazing family legacy

I arrive at Adventures With Elephants in Bela Bela and immediately fall in love. But can you blame me? Surely no true African adventure can be complete without these iconic and awe-inspiring animals. Does anything compare to relaxing in a camping chair, sipping Amarula and watching an elephant family come running down to the river […]

Honey badgers behaving badly

When David Livingstone first laid eyes on the Chobe River, he cried. It is recorded in one of the many journals that he kept. But it wasn’t from exhaustion, fear of drowning or even the thought of crocodiles lurking in its depths – he was deeply moved by the extraordinary beauty of the river. The […]