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Rwanda set for high-end gorilla tourism

Following the recent 100% increment in the gorilla tracking permit price, Rwanda is now focusing efforts to promote gorilla safaris to overseas travellers who can afford such high-end prices.

Gorilla trekking: Uganda, Rwanda, or DR Congo?

Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo host the only populations of mountain gorillas in the world. For most travellers, however, the decision of which country to choose for a gorilla trek can be perplexing.

The prime shoebill spots in Uganda

Also referred to as a “King whale-head” because of its enormous head size, the shoebill stork is named after its shoe-like bill which can grow up to 24cm in length and 20cm in width. Even though they can weigh up to 6kg, they can stand quite easily on floating vegetation while hunting for fish.

Mountain gorilla trekking in DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla safaris have for some time been less popular compared to other African safari tour activities. This is mainly because of the civil unrest in the North Kivu province where the Virunga National Park – the only home of the critically endangered mountain gorillas in Congo – is located.

The fascinating people and culture of Uganda

Uganda is a culturally diverse country with over 56 tribal communities featuring a variety of customs and age-old traditions that combine to make cultural tours in Uganda a remarkable experience.

Where to find perfect chimpanzee spots in Uganda

Uganda is among the top countries in tropical Africa with the highest population of chimpanzees. Sharing close to 99% of their DNA with humans, chimpanzees are a very magical ape species whose behaviour would definitely mesmerise anyone on an Ugandan safari.

Mountain gorilla tourism: a brief history

The history and development of mountain gorilla tourism is an intriguing one. Having only started from the mid-1900’s, trekking into dense forests in search of these elusive creatures has become a highlight for many adventurers.

Uganda – the birder’s paradise

With 1,057 bird species, Uganda constitutes 50% of the Africa’s bird species and 11% of the global bird species count which makes her a complete birders’ paradise!

Highlights of a safari experience in Uganda

Crowned the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill in 1907, Uganda is renown for its beautiful landscapes, abundant flora and fauna, the 1057 bird species that make up 50% of Africa’s bird species and 11% of the World`s bird species and a diversity of over 56 tribal cultures that combine to make Uganda a unique and bucket list destination