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Praveen Siddannavar

Praveen Siddannavar is an engineer by profession and a natural history photographer by choice. He is native of Belagavi, a city in the state of North Karnataka and on professional front works with KPIT Technoligies Ltd, Bengaluru as Center Head. He believes there is no meaning to wildlife photography if his pictures can't be used to protect or save them. Praveen has won several accolades in wildlife photography and his images have been exhibited both at national and international art galleries in London, New York, Portugal, Iraq, Dubai & India. He continues to travel extensively to document and report stories, especially on the endangered predators like tigers, leopards, wild dogs and birds.

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The stories of Maasai Mara are not simply woven around the Big 5, but of coming up close and personal with never-before-seen experiences. It is about simply marvelling at the effortless way a million stories bursts into life in that single frame.

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