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Peter Oberem is a veterinarian, game rancher and President of Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA). He was born in East London and schooled there at Selborne College - these he counts as his most important formative years. Three years at Rhodes saw him obtaining a B.Sc. in zoology and entomology (study of insects) - the latter becoming his specialisation. He then obtained his veterinary degree at the faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort of the University of Pretoria as well as a post graduate degree in Veterinary Parasitology. Peter is the Managing Director of his own animal health company, Afrivet, partner in Dabchick Wildlife Reserve, Councillor on the South African Veterinary Council and President of WRSA.

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Dr Peter Oberem takes a closer look at game breeding in South Africa as well as colour morphs and says why we should support wildlife ranching.

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