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OSCAP (Outraged SA Citizens Against Poaching) which is a South African based NGO that is vehemently opposed to the opening of rhino horn trade and has called for a National Moratorium on Rhino hunting in an effort to stem the flow of rhino horn trade onto the black market via pseudo hunting. OSCAP recently hosted an international conference in SA where the risks of Rhino Horn Trade were dealt with by a host of knowledgeable international and local speakers. OSCAP assists private rhino owners with anti-poaching equipment such as tracker dogs, camera traps, bullet proof vests and in 2013 had the first ever Rhino Ambulance manufactured for the Rhino Orphanage and has a further 2 ambulances in production which will be out in the field in the next month.

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Hugo Ras, accused of being part of a rhino poaching syndicate, has been denied bail.

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