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Photographic hide: Capturing animals with a smartphone

A photographic experience in the hides can be captured with a simple smartphone. On more than one occasion, a camera lens brought the elephants too close and I had to resort to my smartphone to capture the herds as they came to drink, one herd after another.

Returning to Mashatu

I was enthralled by my initial visit to Mashatu in 2015, so this year I returned to this beautiful game reserve located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, Botswana. The stand out feature of Mashatu is their photographic hide which allows you to experience the magnificent wildlife at very close quarters!

Video: Elephant calf rescue

The compassion of an elephant herd is evident when an Elephant calf falls down a hole and the entire herd come to its rescue

Lion up close at a photographic hide

The first time I heard it, it was far away. “Listen! Lion calling!” I told the guests who has joined me for a morning session in the photographic hide in Mashatu, Botswana.