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Hippos: the river horses of Luangwa

One of the iconic sounds of the valley is that of hippos – also known as the ‘river horses’. The largest concentration of these amazing creatures are found at the Luangwa River, boasting more per kilometre than any other river in Africa!

Enjoying the green season in South Luangwa

This year’s rainy season in South Luangwa has been a good one. We’re at the tail end now but still getting the odd shower and storm. The park is a lush patchwork of greens and the air is fresh and clear. It’s the perfect time to visit.

Giving back on safari

Soon you will discover how lodges and organisations in the valley are working together to create a positive impact on the community and wildlife through employment and education.

Why do zebras have stripes?

There are five hypotheses as to why the zebra has stripes….Marula Lodge gets closer to answering the age-old question.

Banded brothers, the mongooses of Marula Lodge

Many people recognise meerkats thanks to a TV series and a UK comparison site but are less familiar with one of our more entertaining garden visitors. Both belong to the same family but there are no meerkats here, just our own banded mongoose

Africa’s Ugly 5

When it comes to wildlife in Africa five species stand out, the biggest and most beautiful big five, however we mustn’t overlook the less appealing of the wild’s inhabitants, the ugly five.

Watching the elephants go by

Nothing quite compares to watching the elephants cross the Luangwa River from the comfort of a chair on the riverbank.

Secrets of the Luangwa River

The glorious Luangwa River is a major tributary of the Zambezi and home to a host of local wildlife. Discover the best time to visit this jewel of Zambia.