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The good old days of wildlife photography

Marlon du Toit reminisces about the good old days of wildlife photography where photos transported the viewer into another world, a world filled with danger and excitement and exploration.

Mana Pools: Africa’s forgotten paradise

Far removed from any urban landscape, Mana Pools is a creation of nature still pure and splendid, untouched and wild. Mana Pools allows one the rare privilege to travel back in time to an Africa we all wish we knew, an Africa free of human encroachment, an Africa of our dreams.

Magical Mana Pools

Two Land Cruisers arrived followed by a cloud of fine-grained Africa dust. As the cruisers came to a halt doors swung open wide and an army of big smiles were ready to experience Mana Pools National Park.

Lions crossing the Sand River

The presence of various vulture species along the banks of the Sand River led us to a carcass. An adult Kudu had been killed during the night by a pride consisting of not only 3 adult lionesses, but also their six tiny cubs. We watched in awe as the lionesses growled aggressively as they fed […]

Leopard vs. Elephant

Life as a guide allows you an exciting and often rare glimpse into the lives of Africa’s most beautiful animals. I recently had just such an experience as I watched a male leopard stroll along the banks of the Sand River. We noticed some elephant bulls up ahead and I thought to myself that the […]

The Cliffhanging Leopard

During my four years as a guide at Singita Kruger National Park I would always scan the cliffs of the Lebombo Mountain range. I  imagined how amazing it would be to see a leopard scale these steep, craggy cliffs. Leopards are incredibly agile in trees and this mountain, I thought, would test their skills to […]

Forever Enemies

There is an age-old feud between two particular species in the wilderness – the leopard and the baboon…  We got a brief glimpse of this rivalry during breakfast at Singita in the Sabi Sands. Four leopards were relaxing in the shade of a large ebony tree on the opposite bank of the Sand River. There […]

One Life For Another. Leopard-Nyala Kruger Kill.

A highlight of life in Africa has got to be timeout with a predator on the hunt. The suspense is tangible as a leopardess crouches low or a pride of lions start circling a herd of zebra. I spend day after day with these predators, allowing a special glimpse into these events – struggles of […]

Adapt or Die: A Trunk-Squirting Elephant’s Story of Survival

I was rounding a bend yesterday afternoon when I spotted an elephant bull quenching its thirst from a small pool. I immediately noticed that half of this elephant’s trunk was missing… A snare wound, a natural injury or even a birth deficiency could have caused this. At first it seemed clear that he was struggling to […]

Leopard alert in the Sabi Sand

My radio crackles to life and a call from the lodge comes through. “Any ranger station on standby? There is a leopard on the deck and we need someone to go check it out.” By “check it out” they are actually asking for a hard core ranger to chase the intruding cat away. Up for the […]

Elephant Madness

Africa’s giants are an integral part of any safari experience. My guests can hardly contain themselves at the first sign of an elephant… It could be fresh tracks and dung droppings on the road, the sound of snapping branches in the distance, or huge bodies protruding from within the sticky thorn-thickets. To have an elephant […]

Kruger Kill: Chain Reaction

Vultures diving in the distance alerted us to the potential presence of a carcass. Excitement rushed over us at the thought of a nearby predator so we hurried over for closer inspection. As we arrived on the scene there were over thirty vultures feeding on the remains of a male impala. The cause of death […]

Introducing Marlon du Toit: Field Guide in the African Wilderness

To spend 8 hours a day driving through some of the most beautiful and un-spoilt terrain in Africa is such a privilege. To watch animals play out their daily lives as if you were not even there is thrilling. As a guide you get to see things most people dream about, things not written in […]