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Video: Breakfast on the run in the Okavango Delta

In our frenetic lives, it’s the norm to grab that cup of coffee, a bowl of Cornflakes and the car keys – all on the run. Ironically, in Africa, breakfast on the run is not a rushed affair. Timing is everything, and patience is a virtue especially for the lions in the Okavango Delta.

Top 10 tips for a self-drive safari in Botswana

From the thrill of driving through the beautiful Kalahari wilderness to the excitement of camping under the immense African sky, a self-drive safari entices many Botswana visitors. Here are 10 security tips to keep you safe.

Leopard spotting in South Luangwa

From exceptional hunting skills to beautiful poses, leopards seem to have stolen the show during game drives in South Luangwa recently.