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Starting in March 2010, I have travelled through 46 countries and am still counting! I started out with a little point and shoot camera, which I had a lot of fun with. All went well and I started doing cover shoots, designed posters and covered events. I ended up doing nightlife photography, and made some cash taking photos around the Cape Town club scene. By the end of all this I had managed to save up enough ZAR to get myself the 5D Mark|| and thats how it all started. Soon after, I set off on my adventures armed with my Canon, and my affair with landscape and portraits just happened very naturally as I crossed the border from one country to the next. Learning a bit more each time, defining (and refining) my style as I went. Follow me at Kyle Mijlof Photography.


Bamako, the capital of Mali, is the one of the world’s fastest growing cities. With concrete forming the basis of most buildings in Bamako, the city has an insatiable hunger for cement and sand. Enter the sand men…

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