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Lion digs up burrow to catch warthog

An incredible sequence captured by guide Ruan Springorum at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve when a male lion dug into a warthog burrow and latched onto the first one that emerged.

The drama of the ‘bush theatre’

Being out on safari is about connecting with nature, more than simply seeing amazing animals and birdlife, it is witnessing the next chapter of an ancient and incredible story unfold, it is the ‘bush theatre’.

The three cheetah sisters of Kwandwe

Cheetah have always been a special animal at Kwandwe and steal the hearts of many of our guests. A litter of four cubs, three females and a male, beat the odds by making it to independence.

Fascinating animal eyes

The eyes of animals come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and are crucial to their survival and quite suited to their habits.

An eventful morning in the company of cheetah on the hunt

We decided to try and find the four sub-adult cheetah we know to be in the area. We have a plan to go towards a hill that has a vantage point from which to scan with binoculars. A plan that in the past has had great success for us.