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Kate Olivia Pettit was born and brought up on the East coast of Scotland. After reading an undergraduate in Communications, and an MA in human rights, Kate has lived and worked for numerous NGOs and non-profits around the world. Her passion is being able to experience and learn from others, and use those experiences on her journey to discovery. She is truly invested in travel with purpose and innovative platforms to make the world go round that little bit smoother. She loves the peace and tranquillity she receives from new cultures and norms, and as a skier and rock climber, she is a natural thrill seeker, and thrives off the inner euphoria’s she recieves from adventure travel. Following a generation of footsteps on her mother’s side, she has followed her dream and become a freelance writer.


Greenpop. Cape Town’s coolest and fastest growing environmental enterprise. After launching two years ago, Greenpop certainly have their feet planted firmly in the ground, with over 17,000 trees planted in 210 locations, benefiting almost 100,000 people. Greenpop have stepped outside

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