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A Perfect Place

Original source: Running Wild I have just spent a very privileged weekend in the back of beyond, enjoying time playing in the foothills of yet another unique Cape mountain range not too far from the concrete jungle. ‘Home’ was a little two-roomed cottage tucked away, up a dusty road, through a creaking farm gate or […]

On Toad Alert

On those cold, miserable winter evenings, when you were snugly tucked in front of the fire, Karoline Hanks was tackling the elements, on the lookout for toads. It’s nightfall in Noordhoek. Angry black storm clouds shunt over the mountain and then clear temporarily to reveal a perfectly plump, full moon. Right now, the rain is coming […]

Caracals count too: mesopredator research in the Cederberg

On a recent trip to the Cederberg with my 9-year-old son, I arranged to meet a young researcher working for the Cape Leopard Trust. I was keen to chat to her about the work of the CLT in the area, and to try and expose my son to the blood, sweat, mud and tears side […]

Springbok: The Kgalagadi’s kangaroos

Antidorcas marsupialis stands about 80 cm high and is able to run up to 90 km/hour. It is also able to leap 3.5 m high and stot, pronk or jump 15 m. Hell, I wish I could do that. But I am not a Springbok. The ‘marsupialis bit of the Springbok’s latin name refers to the blind fold or […]

Kgalagadi cheetah chases down an ostrich!

As with so many things in life, timing is critical. Being in the right place at the right time is especially important when one is venturing out in a wilderness area. Here one is always just passing through as the impromptu bush theatre plays out. You are either there just as the thespians strutt their […]

Gecko TV – night time entertainment in the Kgalagadi

The African bush comes alive at night time. The heat seeps away, the crickets crank up their violins and those further down in the food pyramid stare wide-eyed into the blackness and ready themselves for their endless night vigil. Nostrils flare, ears pivot constantly and big cats with rumbling bellies begin to stir. The Kgalagadi is no exception. Early evenings are beautiful. It is […]