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Green Renaissance: The Journey

Green Renaissance is a South African production company focusing on green content creation and encouraging companies to be responsible and express an environmentally conscious vision to the world. This video is a celebration of their last year, showcasing some of their work in helping nature fight back in Africa. httpv:// The Journey – Green Renaissance […]

Mapungubwe belongs to all of us

httpv:// Mapungubwe Belongs to all of Us from Green Renaissance. Abraham Ramonwana, head guide at Tuli Safari Lodge says: “if a mine develops in South Africa, it’s also going to affect Botswana and Zimbabwe”. The authorisation given to an Australian company called Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL) to construct an open-cast coal mine, called the […]

COP 17: The Soil is a Diamond

With COP17 (the 17th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ) currently underway in Durban, South Africa. Green Renaissance highlights the importance of micro-farming and urban agriculture for long term sustainability in South Africa. THE SOIL IS A DIAMOND from Green Renaissance on Vimeo. As various debates around […]

Flying Rhinos

Africa’s rhinos are in the throes of a poaching onslaught,they are being hunted and hounded for their horns. This scourge has led to concerted efforts across South Africa to save, preserve and grow the critically endangered rhino population. In November last year, Green Renaissance filmed the translocation of the seventh black rhino population established by […]

Baby Gorilla Rescued in DRC

In a victory for conservation, a poached baby gorilla was recently rescued by an undercover team in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Thanks to a tip-off, three rangers managed to rescue the baby gorilla by posing as interested buyers, and arresting the poachers. The baby gorilla, named Shamavu after one of the rangers, is […]

World Rhino Day. What are you doing?

The distressing killing of rhino has captured the attention of South Africans who have voiced strong opposition to their cruel and unnecessary slaughter. However, many people still feel helpless, and unable to do something small to make a difference. Here’s how Green Renaissance suggest you do your bit to help the poaching crisis. httpv:// Save […]

Fracking is not an option: I will die for Water

Oom Johannes and Antoinette Pienaar are the “Shamans” of the Karoo in South Africa – they live in total isolation, hunting and gathering as their ancestors once did. They are respected traditional healers, using rare herbs they find in the mountains to treat people from far and wide. They believe that the healing spirit of […]

Mining will offend our African Ancestors

On 5 July 2011, it was announced that coal mining at the Vele Colliery near the Mapungubwe National Park had been given the go-ahead, despite a halt on mining activities in August 2010 due to environmental contraventions. In response to this announcement, Green Renaissance has collaborated with the Save Mapungubwe NGO Coalition to raise awareness […]

Rhinos are critically endangered

The fight against rhino poaching in South Africa has become critical, and has highlighted the importance of practical conservation initiatives, like the WWF/ Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Black Rhino Range Expansion Project. httpv:// Rhinos Must be Saved from Poaching from Green Renaissance on Vimeo.