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The top activities to do in Uganda

While planning a safari to Uganda, one can’t help but wonder what safari activities uniquely define Uganda as compared to other tourist destinations in Africa.

Exploring Uganda, the pearl of Africa

With its dense and misty forests, snow-peaked mountains, glassy lakes and sprawling savannas, it is no wonder Winston Churchill dubbed Uganda “the Pearl of Africa”.

The top 8 things to do on a Rwanda safari

When you talk about Rwanda, most people will think about gorilla trekking. But there is a lot to savour in Rwanda other than just the gorillas. The country has three national parks and lots of other attractions you can visit while on a Rwanda safari. Here are some of the best things you can do while on your trip to Rwanda.

Is it safe to go mountain gorilla trekking?

When considering an adventure such as mountain gorilla trekking, the subject of safety inevitably comes up in the conversation. The reality is that close contact with mountain gorillas is considered very safe, in comparison with other wild animals. Of course, in order to ensure one’s safety, rules have to be followed, and there are a […]

Gorilla trekking is an eco-friendly activity

Mountain Gorilla Trekking is a most unusual and highly desired wildlife experience in Africa; considered by wildlife enthusiasts across the globe as the number one human-animal encounter. These rare and endangered Mountain Gorillas only exist in the Virunga Range which runs through the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Each […]