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New 50/50 Episode: 20 August 2012

Caves (part 2) This week Bonne takes a look at another underground wonder in Namibia. Bonne’s guides are local experts Nico Scholtz (adventure caver and geologist) and entomologist, John Irish. Not many of the Namibian caves are open to the public for exploration and in the case of Pofadder, years of stalactite and stalagmite development […]

New 50/50 Episode: 13 August 2012

Caves Namibia is just a hop over the border away and has more to offer than beautiful views of the Namib and great wildlife: It also has over 120 caves. Most of the caves are not open to tourists – for safety reasons and for the protection of the cave itself. But with the help […]

New 50/50 Episode: 6 August 2012

Lavender Hill The poverty, drugs and gangsters that pervades life in Lavender Hill on the sandy Cape Flats has always been at odds with the suburb’s name. A new vision to populate Lavender Hill with lavender hopes to create a social artwork and an urban farm for the production of lavender. Most importantly, the fields […]

New Fifty Fifty episode – London’s Green Olympics

The countdown has begun with mere days until the London Olympics 2012! (27 July) Athletes around the world have been training to get the gold but London Olympics have gone green. The Ancient Olympic Games were a series of competitions held between representatives of several city-states and kingdoms from Ancient Greece, which featured mainly athletic but also combat […]

50/50 Episode 4, 2 July 2012

Rhino Drama Continues… In a conservancy near the Kruger National Park, the number of rhinos that have lost their lives to rhino poachers has been high. Now Atile and her new calf, Bina, are in danger of losing their lives. However, the reserve managers are determined not to let this happen and are pinning their […]

50 / 50 Episode 3, 25 June 2012

Killing Crocs When we see a jacket made of animal fur, the first thing that springs to mind is the slogan ‘Beauty without cruelty’. But do we feel the same when we see a crocodile-skin purse? Crocodile-skin boots, handbags and belts are sought-after fashion items that come at a high price, both for your pocket […]

50 / 50 Episode 2, 18 June 2012

Shark drama Once or twice a year, reports of shark attacks hit the media, often graphically headlined with phrases such as “Blood everywhere” or “Killer shark strikes again!” But no-one celebrates the remaining 364 days, when these apex predators that swim off our coastlines contribute to the marine ecosystem – without affecting us negatively. On […]

50/50 is back! New episode coming on 11 June 2012…

Take a look at this exciting lineup: Vodka Bears The practices of bear baiting and dancing bears were outlawed in Eastern Europe almost 12 years ago and we thought we’d seen the end of cruelty to bears… Not so. Deeper into Eastern Europe in the Ukraine, brown bears are living under harsh, cruel conditions. [quote]Bears […]