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Suspected Albino Elephant sighted in Tanzania

While leading a 
photographic safari through Lake Manyara National
 Park in Tanzania, I happened to come across a peculiar looking elephant. At first, nothing jumped out at as particularly unusual. But on closer inspection, and after zooming in with my lens, little things about her appearance began to appear. First
 her eyes seemed strange, I […]

Shoe Drop: Project Rhino KZN on the Put Foot Rally

Each year, the Put Foot Rally Foundation uses money raised by participating teams to impact on the lives of local communities.  This year the Senkobo Basic School, about 30km outside of Livingstone in Zambia, were the chosen benefactors. The school has around 405 children aged between 7 and 16, of which around a third are orphans… […]

Nguni Cattle of the Caprivi

Coming from Zululand you tend to appreciate the value of a good looking cow… The Caprivi strip in the far north-west corner of Namibia is home to some of the most beautiful cattle you will ever find on the African continent. One or two of the bulls could easily pay the lobola (dowry) for a […]

Etosha: Project Rhino KZN on the Put Foot Rally

We left the check point campsite fairly late for a day in Etosha National Park, the sleep-in was much needed after a very memorable evening the night before…hic…hic. With so many teams from the rally going into the park and most of them on Twitter, soon the chirps on the social networks were all about […]

Checkpoint 1: Project Rhino KZN on the Put Foot Rally

North of Windhoek the bush starts to look at little more familiar as it opens up into a scrub-like savanna. We were about to reach our first checkpoint since leaving Cape Town…. The checkpoints are a place where rally participants get together for a big social bender and for the officials to get a chance […]

Day 3: Project Rhino KZN on the Put Foot Rally

Our campsite for our first night in Namibia was the Canon Roadhouse near Fish River Canyon. We arrived very late after spending most of the afternoon photographing the sun setting against  beautiful quiver trees. Driving the long dusty roads at night, with no traffic and only a flicker of light from distant farm houses, you […]

Day 2: Project Rhino KZN on the Put Foot Rally

After covering a mammoth 900km on the first day, we finally reached the Namibian border where we were greeted by the symbol of the south… It was my turn behind the steering wheel and it was late in the afternoon, in the west clouds were forming and colours developing that had my fellow three travellers […]

Day 1: Project Rhino KZN on the PutFoot Rally

With the crack of a cockerel crowing at 5 o’clock in the morning, we set off on an epic adventure – 6 countries, 6 checkpoints, and 7,000km in 17 days. Our mission? To raise awareness about the rhino-poaching crisis in Southern Africa, and to generate much needed funds for Project Rhino KwaZulu-Natal. As you travel up […]

Put Foot Rally leaves Cape Town with Project Rhino KZN in tow

6 countries, 6 checkpoints and 7,000-odd kilometres in 17 days… The Put Foot is dubbed Southern Africa’s first “social rally” – 60 crews/240 people will motor out of Cape Town tomorrow (Wednesday 20th June 2012) for an epic Africa adventure, overlanding across South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Armed with passports stamped in visas; tow […]