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Director and co-founder of Wildlife ACT, Dr Simon Morgan was born in Zimbabwe, but spent the majority of his childhood and completed most of my schooling in South Africa. After completing a degree in Zoology, he moved to Zululand where he was employed as a Black Rhino monitor. He has since completed a PhD degree and is currently publishing papers on the information gathered. It was during this process that he noticed the need for the enhancement and outsourcing of existing monitoring programs and for new monitoring programs to be established and run on reserves across Zululand.

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Black Rhino Conservation with WWF - John Hume Rhino Horn Auction Arguments

Rhino farmer, John Hume, will be auctioning 500kgs of rhino horn online today (23 August 2017). He presents arguments for his rhino horn auction, which Dr Simon Morgan – co-founder of Wildlife ACT, debunks.

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