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Claire Craig-Nassar

I’m Claire Craig-Nassar , currently on a six-year gap year in Egypt. I’ll rejoin the world one day, but not yet. After a degree in Anthropology in London and a stint as a music journalist, I went to work in Egypt, getting paid to explore the region and drag others around with me while doing so. I now run a small B&B, Sunrise Lodge, in Dahab, Egypt, run a travel company called The Curious Camel Company and am a very proud mum to my daughter Salma. After my time in Egypt there’ll be more adventures; I just don’t know where to yet, and I like it that way.

Adventure and Sport

I used to get paid to walk up Mount Sinai in the middle of the night to watch the sun rise up over the mountains. It explains why I’ve notched up a fair few trips to the top. The fact

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