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A wild winter in the Drakensberg

Chris Clark travels to the northern Drakensberg and tell us about his experience discovering Bearded vultures and breathtaking hiking trails.

Rhinos Galore in Pilanesberg National Park

A mere 18 hour drive from Cape Town through the empty and seemingly endless heart of the Karoo and beyond and we finally saw the green, rolling hills of Pilanesberg National Park ahead of us, with a welcoming committee of elephants passing close to the fence alongside the road. Bleary-eyed and half asleep we threw […]

Explore the Ghosts of Namibia's Striking South

I was in no hurry. A slow hitchhike south from Etosha, riding in the back of a long distance truck with bags of maize meal eventually found me in the small-time town of Keetmanshoop. I woke early and walked around the sleepy streets for an hour or so, the desert wind whipped up sand that […]

Namibia. Why you should go to Etosha's Wild West.

I have a shameful confession to make… Having been in South Africa for a little over 3 years, and having travelled other parts of the continent fairly extensively, I only recently made it to neighbouring Namibia for the first time. And even then, it was pretty much by accident. Sometimes it’s so easy to overlook […]